Document sent to Iran International; Disclosure of the identity of the head of a cyber team of the Revolutionary Guards

 The hackers’ group, which reveals about the cyber activities of the Revolutionary Guards, has revealed the identity of the leader of a cyber team of the Revolutionary Guards through the Iran Whistle International system.

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تیم اطلاعاتی ۱۳

The hackers’ group “Labdokhtegan”, which reveals about the cyber activities of the Revolutionary Guards, has revealed the identity of the head of a cyber team of the Revolutionary Guards through “Whistle” Iran International.
Interview with Mehdi Mahdavi-Azad, Iran International

گروه شهید کاوه

The submitted documents reveal the identity of Reza Salarvand as the head of a hacking team called “Intelligence Team 13”, which is part of the “Martyr Kaveh Group” and is affiliated with the cyber command of the Revolutionary Guards.

Martyr Kaveh Group

The group aims to create a database of targets such as cargo ships, gas stations and offshore control centers in the United States and elsewhere with the aim of cyber-attacking them. 

The document sent to Iran International by the Lokhtokhtegan Group shows that Salarvand is the head of the “Intelligence Team 13”, born on March 4, 1990, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information technology engineering from the Tehran South Branch of the Azad University. The picture of the dissertation shows that he completed his education in 2017 with a grade point average of 13.

Iran International, along with several cybersecurity experts, has verified the information received about the identity of Salarvand as the head of the “Intelligence Team 13” and confirmed its accuracy.

On the 4th of August of this year, Sky News Network has exposed the cyber activities of “Shahid Kaveh Group” based on the content of “Very Confidential”, a 57-page pamphlet.

The pamphlet leaked by Sky News included research into how a cargo ship could be sunk by a cyber attack or how a fuel pump could be blown up at a gas station.

On Sunday, August 22, the group of the victims wrote on its Telegram channel that the aim of the “Martyr Kaveh” unit and members of the “Intelligence Team 13” was to carry out “terrorist” activities and strike at “innocent citizens of the countries.” They published pictures of Salarvand’s house and asked members of the “Intelligence Team 13” to resign “before it is too late.” 


Increasing the cyber activities of the Revolutionary Guards

The cyber activity of the Revolutionary Guards has steadily increased in recent years, especially against targets in Israel and the United States.

The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Friday, August 20, quoting Israeli military intelligence officials that the Revolutionary Guards had repeatedly called on the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond militarily to Israel, but Khamenei did not allow them to do so. has done.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, last year’s cyber attack on water facilities in Israel and several other cyber attacks attributed to the Revolutionary Guards were the result of Khamenei’s advice, and only “a miracle” prevented a major catastrophe in Israel.

According to a study published by the cyber security company “Prof Point” in April of this year, Iranian hacker groups called “Phosphorus” or “attractive kitten” also included 25 medical experts in the fields of genetics, neurology and oncology. Both the United States and Israel have been targeted by cyber-attacks.

According to the institute, the move was probably part of an operation to gather medical information and personal data, following ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel.

According to the study, the cyber-attack campaign shows that more than a decade after Stuxent malware infiltrated Iran’s nuclear facilities, hacking still plays a key role in the risky espionage game between Iran, Israel and the United States.

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We noticed the list of “Cyber Corps employees list”.  In the same list, the name of the sperm of impurity, Ahmad Pakdaman, is also mentioned.  Friends, please check if the information in this list is correct or not.  If this information is true, the tailors will devote all their efforts to achieving these vices.


1.  Mohammad Ali Meysamy, National Code: 77659325
۲.  Hadi Irani, ID: 47871005, Father: Ali, Born: 1990, National Code: 3350049052, Education: Master of Computer
3.  Hossein Rahmati, National Code: 4060489352
4.  Mohammad Yousef Memar, National Code: 68128304
5.  Mehdi Lashgarian, ID: 47343699, Father: Mohammad, Education: Computer Diploma
6.  Ahmad Pakdaman, National Code: 68243278
7.  Mohammad Rasoul Barzegari, ID: 47378061, Born: 1987, National Code: 00817234774, Education: Bachelor of Computer
8.  Amir Hossein Gholamrezaei, ID: 47682520, Father: Haidar, Born: 1989, National Code: 0430017405, Education: Master of Arabic
9.  Reza Salarvand

تروریست سایبری: رضا سالاروند
وظیفه: رییس تیم اطلاعاتی ۱۳، از گروه شهید کاوه وابسته به سپاه سایبری
کد ملی: ۰۰۱۳۱۰۳۹۵۴
تحصیلات: لیسانس فناوری اطلاعات از دانشگاه آزاد جنوب
متولد تهران، ۱۳۶۹/۱۲/۱۳
این تروریست سایبری نطفه حرام پدرش میر حسین بوده و آدرس دقیق محل مسکونی وی که در ۹/۰۸ عکسهایی از آن را برایتان در همین کانال افشا کردیم: تهران پارس، میدان شاهد، خیابان 194 شرقی (شهید رضا ضرغامی)، پلاک 17، طبقه 3، واحد 5

ادامه دارد…

Cyber-Terrorist: Reza Salarvand
Position: Head of Intelligence Group 13 at Shahid Kaveh
National number: 0013103954
Education: Graduated his bachelor degree in IT Engineering from Islamic Azad University South Tehran
Date of birth: 13/12/1369, Tehran
This cyber-terrorist is the bastard son of Mir Hossein, and his exact address, which we exposed, is: Tehran Pars, Shahed roundabout, street 194 Sharghi (Shahid Reza Zarghami), building no.17, third floor, Apt.5