Jalisco, other cartels using Narcotanks

Cartel & Mad Max Connection: Dimensions of armored vehicles show that the war between cartels has reached another level in Mexico.Some of the most feared criminal groups in Mexico, including the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, are using these vehicles in armed battles with the police. Other organizations, such as the Gulf Cartel and the Northeast Cartel, use armored trucks to fight among themselves. Mexican security forces refer to these vehicles as "monstruos" (monsters), but…

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12-hour standoff – Mexico

The 12-hour standoff between security forces and drug cartel militants in Culiacan, Mexico, over the arrest of Ovidio Guzman Lopez, the son of the drug lord Shorty, is coming to an end, 27 people (at least 3 civilians) were injured, a national guardsman was killed. The militants hijacked and burned about 250 cars, at least 18 streets were blocked, and 3 airports were shut down. Local media reported that bandits fired from large-caliber weapons…

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