CSV Injection

https://sites.google.com/site/bughunteruniversity/nonvuln/csv-excel-formula-injection خب اول از همه کمی با فرمول های اکسل اشنا بشیم که چطور میشه که میتوان برای این برنامه فرمولی رو نوشت برای مثال

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Treadstone 71 Unveils Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Solution

“We plan to start offering the solution in August with a full rollout by mid-October, continued Bardin. Our training solutions enable this module providing organizations with the intelligence community skills necessary to more than adequately manage collection operations, analysis, and analytic writing. The need for this in the market is great.”

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Ghidra Updates

https://github.com/alxbl/x64dbg-ghidra GitHub alxbl/x64dbg-ghidra Import an x64dbg database into a Ghidra Project. Contribute to alxbl/x64dbg-ghidra development by creating an account on GitHub. https://github.com/guedou/ghidra-processor-mep GitHub guedou/ghidra-processor-mep Toshiba

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