INSA Opens Nominations for 2017 Achievement Awards

Members of the intelligence and national security communities are encouraged to nominate their peers and partners from government, private industry, and academia for the 2017 Achievement Awards, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has announced. The Achievement Awards recognize up-and-coming leaders and mentors serving or supporting the U.S. national security mission.

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Target-Centric OSINT Course Overviews

“With my extensive experience working in the Department of Defense on active duty and federal contractor, this training provided industry professionals with a greater perspective for intelligence analysis. The training taught state of the art concepts and applied them to real world scenarios establishing a solid understanding on utilizing these intelligence tradecrafts to effectively predict and prevent cyber actors from exploiting their organizations. Individuals new to the cyber intelligence field or professionals who want to fine tune their skills in the intelligence field should strongly consider this training for any intelligence analyst or security professional.”

Drone Attack! Swarm with Hazardous Waste Payload

Prepare drone swarm operators before handling radioactive payloads
Begin taking iodine pills
Saturate thyroid to block uptake of radioactive iodine
Drink red wine before and after exposure
Protects chromosomes from radiation damage
Drink green tea before and after exposure
Inhibits intestinal absorption of Strontium-90
Apply essential oils to exposed skin on the day the radioactive payloads are placed in the attack drones

Treadstone 71 Head of Threat / Cyber Intelligence Services

Treadstone 71 provides threat intelligence leadership service that is designed to assess and benchmark your organization’s cyber intelligence program examining incident response, cybercrime, hunt groups, red/blue/purple teams, threat intelligence, leadership/stakeholder issues and needs, reporting, integration, and communication. The Interim Head of Threat Intelligence Service is customized and scaled based on the size of your organization…

Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs

All the technology and all the technical staff does not an effective report make. Treadstone 71 Reporting and Briefs Service answers our clients and our client’s stakeholders key questions. We deliver new insights and further your understanding of the issues. Our services clearly and accurately present all forces and dynamics at play while articulating a…

The Treadstone 71 Difference

What Treadstone 71 provides is a full-spectrum solution that takes the information you provide in your SOC and incident response functions combining that with complete political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legislative, industrial, educational, and religious aspects of the adversary as well as adversary dossiers and organizational structures.

Treadstone 71 Baseball Cards

Treadstone 71 has been performing cyber intelligence operations since 2004, long before the bevy of current experts claimed their market space. We gave trained hundreds in cyber intelligence collection, persona development, production, and organization, structured analytic techniques, analysis, reductionism, synthesis, analytic writing, and dissemination. This posting us on targeting and “baseball cards.” Targeting focuses on…

The Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Program

Threat Intelligence Program Development
Improve and provide feeds for automation and remediation
Security operations
Enhance and improve remediation actions
Centralize threat intelligence – Intelligence as a Service – Analysis as a Service
Drive improvements to risk management
Improve workflow through well-defined roles and responsibilities
People, process and technology enhancements
Drive the quality improvements of your intelligence
Credibility and relevance

Cyber Intelligence Course

The latest comment: Cyber Intelligence course comments: …  Looking back at the week and the challenge you had per getting us through a necessary set of material, you had your work cut out for you. There’s just so much ground to cover in such little time. The necessary, minimal set is extensive – not surprisingly…

Adam Maqdissi – A forgotten dossier

From October of 2013 – a forgotten dossier for reference and alignment: Maintains an iTunes account using the email account Current location: Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria Mezzeh (Arabic: المزة , also transcribed as al-Mazzah, el-Mezze etc.) is a municipality and a relatively new neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. It lies to the southwest of central Damascus, along the Mezzeh highway….

Active Defense – Strike, CounterStrike, Mercenary or Vigilante?

The opponent lands combination after combination to the head, ribs, and kidneys. This barrage continues until the defender boxer is knocked out, dragged off the mat to hopefully fight another day. The fighter cannot continue. (Bardin, 2011) This picture is much like our cyber defenses today. Culturally trained to block every punch, cyber defenses attempt…

An English Translation of an Islamic State Announcement

Below is part of an English translation from the Islamic State. The content is quite interesting and very enlightening.  Let us begin: We also comfort the people of truth amongst the Muslims, east and west, especially the leaders and scholars of Jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia, the Islamic Maghreb, and Al-Sham, and…

They Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice – Green Revolution 2009 – Iran

As we proceed through the negotiations with Iran we must not forget who we are dealing with and the recent history of the Green Revolution of 2009. Many sacrificed all they could. Oppression and censorship were but a few of the actions taken by the IRGC and Basij under the direction of the government. Many…

Education on Honeypots – Sharif University Courses on Honeypot Detection

There are many documents available on honeypot detection. Not too many are found as a Master’s course at University levels. Sharif University as part of the Iranian institutionalized efforts to build a cyber warfare capability for the government in conjunction with AmnPardaz, Ashiyane, and shadowy groups such as Ajax and the Iranian Cyber Army is…

Always On VPN – VyprVPN

What is a VPN and why should you be using one? The Australian Government’s recent data retention law is just the latest attack on online freedom and user privacy throughout the world. As more Governments take steps to spy on and censor its internet users, there is a simple step you can take to protect…

Sample of Documents Available through Treadstone 71

Below is a sample listing of data available through the Treadstone 71 subscription service.  Targeted as required and available for subscription access and download.  From audio lectures and video instruction pieces to methods of IED placement and use of chemicals.. FATWA ON SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND TERRORISM  Treadstone 71 Open Source Data Inspire Summer 2010 –…

From Trends to Solutions 

May 27–28, 2015    Autoklub České Republiky, Prague 1, Czech Republic The 16th International Conference on Information Security IS2 (Information Security Summit) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 27th and 28th May, 2015. Conference is aimed at ICT and ICT security management. The main theme of this conference is: FROM TRENDS TO SOLUTIONS…

Religious Justification for Hacking Adversaries

Your question seems to be too general. However, Islam does stand for better cooperation and communications with nations who are not destroying and fighting us.  This is clearly stated in Almighty Allah’s saying: “Allah forbiddeth you not those who warred not against you on account of religion and drove you not out from your homes,…

Cyber Posers – Still fighting cyber adversaries from a defensive mindset

Having been on the front lines with Al-Qaeda since 2004, Treadstone 71 has seen many come and go claiming to be the saviors of information technology, the protectors of the realm, the kings of everyone’s castle in the fight against cyber criminals, jihadists, Daesh, SEA, Ajax, Anonymous, and other adversaries. Lately they act like they…

Next Series – Iranian Cyber Capabilities

A few years back we targeted Iranian cyber capabilities with a high level overview. Many have posted information and reports online relative to this. In true Treadstone 71 spirit, we will follow will live data for download and review. Due date has not been determined yet but it will be soon (soon in Middle Eastern…

A Failed Model from the Start

The model of recon, weaponization, delivery, exploitation, installation, C2 and actions on objectives is the mirror imaged model we have assigned to the adversary assuming each adversary follows the same model.

Post 11 – Full Data Dump SEA The Foot Soldier

This is the final (well maybe close to final) post on the Syrian Electronic Army and their data. The SEA Foot Soldier exposed along with glimpses of SEA leadership. Time to share the wealth and look for other linkages and wisps.  Second and third order effects will be triggered. Counter to – For those…