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We continue to make the same mistakes that we did with infosec 25 years ago based upon a technology. Then it was a firewall, therefore it must be placed inside of IT as an infrastructure solution 3 layers+ below the CIO at a minimum. Here we are in 2019 and it is a TIP that is IOC driven for the most part which places it inside the the SOC and IR. Starting as a tool to solve some specific technical and largely tactical issues. Seems logical to the uninitiated but exponentially wrong. This is what happens when those who do not understand what intelligence is and where the real value is take the reigns and drive a solution. As said before, you do not buy an M4 carbine, a few banana clips with various types of rounds, place it in the hands of civilians then build a lurp with that group and the M4 as the centerpiece. Just as illogical and something that creates a false sense of safety for a short period of time. Knee jerk reactions while doubling down on a failed model.

Some TIPs are evolving now and looking ‘up’ the food chain but infighting driven by ego and politics, legs locked in a concrete foundation of inaccurate definitions, the mistakes described above, and a lack of general understanding is more the norm than not.

… Good points, what should we do instead?

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Beacon Series on Intelligence


National Critical Intelligence Estimate – Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Professor of Practice, UAS – Cybersecurity Randall K. Nichols, DTM, Kansas State University Polytechnic, Salina KS


  • Executive Summary
  • C-UAS Overview
  • Key Indicators
    • Political
    • US Legislation
    • Economic
    • Military
  • Summary
  • Open Source
  • References

Executive Summary

  • UAS technology is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry
  • US aerospace and privacy laws have been slow to address the developments in this industry
  • There is a domestic and military need for the ability to prevent UAS intrusion AND the ability to deter the offending system, pilot, and command signals

C-UAS Counter Reconnaissance

  • Counter-reconnaissance seeks to undermine the threat’s ability to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance efforts
  • UAS plays a significant role in reconnaissance for both threat and friendly forces;
  • Thus, all counter-reconnaissance plans must account for UAS


UAS Electronic Warfare Operations

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) efforts are integrated through targeting and will occur at all echelons as applicable and must be synchronized

NCIE Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) in the US

National Critical Intelligence Estimate – KSU

The New Silk Road Impact To The United States

John Hood – Team Leader
Jay Shay – XO
Jordan McDonald
Candice Carter
Randall Mai
Approved by: Prof Randall Nichols


Background: Building the Belt and Road
 Overland Silk Route Risk Assessment
 Maritime Silk Route Risk Assessment
 Chinese Military Buildup to Support New Silk Road
 UAS/UAV Involvement in the New Silk Road
 US Involvement in the New Silk Road
 Risk Assessments, Countermeasures, and Challenges Facing the US
 Conclusions
 References

Background: Building the Belt and Road
 New Silk Road (NSR) China government coined the project ”The Belt and Road” (B&R)
 President Xi Jinping’s “Project of the Century” estimated $1.3 trillion by 2027
 B&R is at the core of China’s foreign policy strategy and was even added to the       Communist Party constitution in 2017

NCIE The New Silk Road Impact To The United States




Treadstone 71 برنامج الاشتراك في مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني التابع

لقد تم تصميم برنامج الاشتراك في مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني على الإنترنت والذي مدته 12 شهراً من أجل لإرشاد المؤسسات أثناء بنائها لبرامج مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني ومخاطره من خلال محاضرات عبر الإنترنت، وعمليات شرح ونماذج تغطي مجموعة كبيرة من المواضيع. بعد سنوات من تدريس دورات تدريبية مخابراتية وتقديم البرامج الاستخباراتية للعملاء، تقدم Treadstone 71 الآن برنامج يعمل بشكل تلقائي ويعتمد على الاشتراكات، يقوم بإرشاد العملاء خلال عملية تخطيط استراتيجية، وإنشاء للأهداف والغايات، وتقييم النضج، وتطوير إجراءات التشغيل المعيارية، واختيار منصة استخبارات التهديدات، وتخطيط الجمع، وتحليل الاستخبارات، والكتابة التحليلية والتعميم الذي لا يشمل الجميع.

يتضمن البرنامج فيديوهات إرشادية مرتبطة بالمحتوى، مع إمكانية وصول مباشر ودوري إلى Treadstone 71  لمعرفة آراء العميل القابلة للتنفيذ. بعد معرفة الآراء هناك دورة قياسية تتضمن التعليقات والاقتراحات والتوصيات وأمثلة على منتجات تم الانتهاء منها من قبل. تقدم Treadstone 71  أيضاً ساعات عمل دورية ’للمعلم‘ وذلك لاستقبال الأسئلة والرد عليها.

يتبع البرنامج أساليب مثبتة تم تأسيسها عبر سنوات أثناء إنشاء البرامج الاستخباراتية. يتحرك العملاء بمعدل طبيعي يتوافق مع جداولهم الداخلية والتي تساعد Treadstone 71  على تأسيسها مع العميل. بإمكان العميل اختيار مجموعة الاشتراك كاملة، أو اختيار نماذج معينة. يتضمن الاشتراك أيضاً تدريب شهادة مخابرات الفضاء الإلكتروني Tradecraft ويضيف نموذج جديد يساعد العملاء على إنشاء ممارسات محاكاة نظرية.

نظرة عامة لبعض محتوى الاشتراك:

Brochure on the service

Seeking Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Analysts – UAE

Treadstone 71 is working with a UAE client seeking Strategic Intelligence Analysts and Tactical Intelligence Analysts #cyber #intelligence #intel

We are not looking for people that are rooted in indicators of compromise and purely IT related issues. We seek true intelligence professionals who fully understand the lifecycle, structured techniques,

collection planning, analysis, and analytic writing. This is on location positions in the UAE. Resume and references required. Should you be selected for an interview, we will require analytic writing samples at a minimum. info AT treadstone71 DOT com

#analyst #analyticwriting #intelligenceanalsys

job descriptions – > Treadstone 71 UAE Positions

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