So what

Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training with Open AI / ChatGPT functions

Intelligence Tradecraft Operator - Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training - New York City Jun 12-16 OPSEC methods, online anonymity, persona creation, secure browser configuration with no verified leaks. OSINT and Darknet searching, Social media searches and collection, Personality identification using Myers-Briggs, the Big 5, the Dark Triad/Pitch Black Tetrad, the Psychological Techniques of the Seven Radicals, and the Nine Enneagram Type. Methods and TTPs of cyber HUMINT tactics, campaign development, management, and execution. // Adversary targeting…

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The role of false information

The flow of false information through social media, along with the false truth effect, has been able to present social media as an emerging threat in the information war. It really makes them more visible. Artificial intelligence can create articles containing false information, which are then distributed to the public. These articles are completely computer-generated and require little input. Quantum computing, along with the ability to put false information into reliable online formats, can enter…

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Nice heat map. So what?!

Recently viewed a post from a billion dollar ‘threat intelligence’ company touting their million plus indicator-driven heat map. Great visuals showing estimated impacts and the like, but as with all such things, we always ask: So what? How does a million-plus indicator heat map apply to me? In most cases, it does not. In intelligence, always ask: So what? There is nothing actionable. There is no direct org relevance. There is nothing showing indicator credibility…

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