Training Subscription – All Online Courses for One Year 500 students

Training Subscription - All Online Courses for One Year 500 students Limited Opportunity: Only 20 Subscriptions Available at $99,990.00 ($4.71/class/student) Introducing the One Year Five Hundred subscription from Treadstone 71 – a unique and comprehensive training package designed to unleash the potential of your existing staff and guide new employees from junior to senior levels. The full Treadstone 71 online course catalogue at your fingertips. Over forty courses and counting. Our curriculum spans traditional cyber…

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Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training

DALLAS Oct 30-Nov 3 Monday-Thursday 7:45-5 PM, Friday 7:45-12 PM. Dallas Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training: Transform Your Cyber Capabilities with AI-Infused Insights Discover the edge you've been looking for with Treadstone 71's immersive Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training. Featuring hands-on experience with innovative AI tools, including ChatGPT, we tailor this dynamic course to elevate your expertise in cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, and cognitive warfare. What You Will Gain: In-depth Browser Security: Master operational security with multi-browser configurations, testing for…

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Automating Cyber Intelligence Analysis

Automating cyber intelligence analysis involves using technology and data-driven approaches to gather, process, and analyze large volumes of information. While complete automation of the analysis process may not be possible due to the complex nature of cyber threats, there are several steps you can take to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Here is a high-level overview of how you could approach automating cyber intelligence analysis: Data Collection: Develop automated mechanisms to collect data from various sources,…

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Cognitive Warfare Course Online and In Person Training

Treadstone 71 Cognitive Warfare The art of using technology to alter the cognition of human targets. They are usually unaware. Those countering the results may be unaware. Combat without fighting. There are many misconceptions on this topic.         Our training starts here! What is Cognitive Warfare?The Treadstone 71 series of Cognitive Warfare courses study practices, methods, tools, technologies of information operations, examples of hybridization, including approaches of countering this type of warfare. The…

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RU Tracking Studies in Intelligence

|Studies in Intelligence 67, No. 2| 🕵️‍♂️A new issue of the magazine for intelligence officers has been released: "Studies in Intelligence". Briefly what kind of magazine can be read here . 📕Magazine contents:📑 Becoming a learning organization: Reflections on the study of intelligence 📑 Intelligence and Congress: The story behind the unprecedented open testimony about the Soviet Strategic Forces 📑 Long discussion: US intelligence: profession, community or enterprise? 📑 Comments and feedback: Transformational Learning Theory…

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