The Hacker Journal

In this issue we talk about: Browser-in-the-Middle, Car Hacking, Hack-for-hire, Spying via webcam, EVE-NG, Forensic analysis, Metasploitable3, IP cameras, Instagram, Show/hide password… We are seeing a rapid increase in the number of connected devices on the Net, from the smartphone to the smart home. This is good! But if on the one hand this brings advantages in terms of comfort and efficiency, on the other it opens up risks that we could not even imagine…

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The first competition from MTS Digital Big Data to determine the gender / age of the cookie owner, lasting two months https://ods.ai/competitions/mtsmlcup discussion between the participants of all issues - https://t.me/+1Hos1RWcbdo0ZTU6 Data All files and their description can be found in the “Data” tab. Prize fund     1st place - 350,000 rubles    2nd place - 200,000 rubles    3rd place - 100,000 rubles + 10 more (ten prize places) with prizes in the form of…

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