IRN-05 (Shahed-131) UAV Technical report

  1. General overview. The IRN-05 (Shahed-131) is a deadly drone one-way attack device (OWA – one way attack). (UAS) production system Shahed Aviation Industries Research Center (SAIRC). IRN-05 (Figures 1-4) is made of carbon fiber reinforced with internal metal supports. Total length 2.6 m; The wingspan is 2.2 m with an estimated weight of 135 kg. Internal piston engine combustion sets the platform in motion by means of a wooden screw with a fixed step by step The electronic system inside the UAS was interconnected using special marked wire. All markings in the UAS were written in English language It is estimated that it can be launched from static rails or a truck.
  2. Components to be studied: a. GNSS transceiver. A commercial off-the-shelf GNSS receiver (Figure 18-22) was encased in a custom-made metal box made of CPC. It should be noted, that the GNSS has been processed and manufactured from the same material as the GNSS, flight control unit (FCU) and power control unit (PCU) that can see on the IRN-16 platform. He has the ability to receive from four outer washers of the COTS receiver. A fifth COTS GNSS receiver was also present outside the fuselage of IRN-05, but the wire leading from it was cut. black GNSS washers from other systems were also either cut out or disabled, FIT Comment: this suggests that an OWA UAS has been conducted on Iranian weapons systems modernization of the average service life; system upgrade from standard black GNSS systems to a system that can now operate in airspace where prohibited GNSS (multiple white GNSS washers). End of FIT comment. b. Flight Control Unit (FCU) The FCU (Fig. 12-14) contained five order of printed circuit boards (PCBs) that contained TMS320 F28335 processors “Texas Instruments”. It is a highly integrated high performance chipset for demanding management programs. Four printed circuit boards were identical, and the fifth the circuit board was evaluated as a power distribution system for others printed circuit boards. FIT Comment: Four identical PCBs look very similar to fee from IRN-16 FCU. End of FIT comment. As of May 2019 in the MEPED reports claimed that the IRN05 had the ability to connect a direct line line of sight (LOS), Iridium SATCOM radio, possibly a homing gun and pre programmed flight paths, which may explain that each of the 4 PCBs programmed to run. c. ATOL. The UAS had a box marked ATOL (Automatic take off and landing) (Fig. 27-30). FIT Comment:

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