Parastoo …extract information about subjects, asylum seekers, prison staff and all intelligence operations and arrests related to the staff of the Ministry of Intelligence Analyst and Search Engineer The comprehensive information system developed by the Cyber Security Operations Directorate (Software Development Team) of the Office of the Ministry of Information Office 31332 is one of the main software applications used in Vaja. In the image above, you will see our access to the Director General’s Web page with the user ID code 11001. Comprehensive Information or #Saman_Sraj, analysis software and classified information search. The system is designed for features such as text and data retrieval at high speed and in the shortest possible time. This program has been implemented to extract information about subjects, asylum seekers, prison staff and all intelligence operations and arrests related to the staff of the Ministry of Intelligence. “This is a serious warning to the Ministry of Intelligence. You will definitely regret the continued pressure, threats, and actions against Black Box.” We have warned that if you continue, we will make the biggest information scandal of history! Unfortunately, the fools make the decisions decide at Vajah. So fight the fight


March 15 info from Treadstone 71 on Rana

Saman Software; HR Department of the Ministry of Intelligence FridayEmployees information, legal briefcase, opening hours, underwear colors! Summary of everything-dirt on the Ministry of Intelligence they cannot protect the information of their personnel and the color of their clothing! Next, what else should we publish? The incompetence and weakness of the current ICT Minister (Azeri Jahromi), who initiated these systems, as well as the current officials of the Ministry of Intelligence?

# Disclosure
Publication and disclosure of internal electronic systems of the Ministry of IntelligenceComprehensive Dynamic SearchThe Comprehensive Dynamic Search Engine is a software development group in the Office of the Cyber Command vice president of the Office of General Publication 31332, which is designed to provide data mining services to users of the Ministry of Intelligence databases. This system is now available to us. As you can see, all people who come from the ports of the country are fully documented in the Comprehensive Dynamic System. Even their mobile data. But that’s not all; the scope of these spies becomes more frightening when they realize they steal your credit card and bank account information, monitor your financial transactions, and steal your account data. The Ministry of Intelligence agents have the necessary personal and administrative requirements to steal your account without worry. We will disclose the documents of these crimes. This is a place where corruption comes from the top while claiming to be the soldier of the Imam.

Dynamic Search DynamicOther systems and software produced by the software development team at the cyber operations vice department of the Office of the Ministry of Information Office 31332 are dynamic search systems. Single dynamic and other software called tree. An application-specific interface provides information and intelligence for the experts and agents who are connected to the system. They easily find the information of (Iranian) citizens by searching for the name, national number, mobile phone, search by file number and ….this means: People need to know that when they do something with a phone that is likely to track (their activities with location services) or listen to voice messages, the problem is not solved simply by changing the SIM card. Because the Ministry of Intelligence can identify a new phone and SIM card. They gave very advanced methods to detect new phones. Make sure you do not move SIM cards to your new phone. If you have done this once, it’s best to discard the phone.

# Disclosure
In this text, the internal letter of the vice president of cybercrime vaja, detailing the introduction of #Systems, …

# Disclosure_statement All Jewish family tree
(Jewish Database of Iran and Jewish people all over the world)Among the search systems and data analyst that exists in the sub-systems of the Seraj Information System project at #MOZ, there is a software named #System_SchoolThe cybercrime department of the Office of the General Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran is # 31332 and it records and searches for and data mining of Jewish profiles and files. Some details and capabilities of this system are available in the image. The interesting thing is that the name of the mother or an ancestor is also registered on this system. Evin prison info next?

SMS analyzer software (SMS reader)The system is storage and analysis of sent and received SMS by the target subjects. This software is used by vice president of cybercrime

Publication of secret documents from the theft, horrible and terrible crimes of the Ministry of Intelligence cyber operations! We consider it our duty as the sharp eyes of our nation to pursue property, personal documents, information and infrastructure stolen by the Ministry of Intelligence agents. Here are some examples of misuse of Vaja agents by real people with the intent of opening the bags of bitcoin, inventory of people’s accounts and stealing accounts of foreign citizens for illegal shopping, fun. In many cases, Vaja’s agents are abusing the collected information and access to the property of the nation by directly profiting from it. (The documents will be released later)

Dispose of accounts of some detained people and Iranian citizens without their permission. When the infrastructure of the country is run by a handful of thieves and burglars, such corruption is common. Impersonation and robbery of citizen accounts of other countries by vice president of cybercrime. In your opinion, is this religious, legal or humanistic? The Ministry of Intelligence agents, using the identity cards and passports of citizens of other countries, make their BitCoin bags or make their own online purchases. Is this not the law of justice?
It is easy to forge other people’s identity papers and create problems for innocent people@jabeh_siah

Day 2 May 4

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Following the massive spyware disclosure of millions of Iranian and non-Iranian citizens, hacking bank accounts and theft of others, we are now going to introduce people who have turned themselves into tools at the disposal of senior executives in order to spy on people illegally. Indeed, the seller of personal information and citizenship rights have been sold to [people]. These are the salespersons and they do not care about their homeland, honor, etc., and they sell it for their own benefit. Many of these people, in the service of the Vaja, are aware of the anti-personnel espionage activities to crack down, abduct, and settle illegal government accounts. …Our goal is to reveal the identity of these people (or better to say this tool!), To identify them and impose the minimum cost of scandal on them, that there is some type of consequences for their actions.@jabeh_siah

Identification of serial numbers, real names, identification codes and information of agents selling and injuring the General Office of the Ministry of Information Office 31332Â In the above screenshot, you will find a list of the most influential people in the Deputy Directorate of Operations # 31332 of the Ministry of Intelligence, which is a collection of voters #antispasmodic vacancies. These are the real names and codes of old and new agents and anti-personnel workers that have caused the misery of thousands of individuals and families. These are the ones who have voluntarily or unwittingly or are complicit in the criminal theft and corruption, and we know each of them well and have documents of their vicious acts, their wounds, files and thefts. There are many officers and technical agents who work honestly and have not robbed and are not corrupt like those on this list. So we do not publish their names due to the knowledge and documents we have. Our mission is to fight anti-corruption corruptors.
@jabeh_siahVaja officials…This is to tell you that we have the information on all your families including your sisters, mothers, brothers, and fathers, and …. We will publish everyone if you attempt to take any action against or in any way threaten the agents or families of the media agents of the black box. We will track your behaviour and we will respond to each negative action individually. You simply raise the cost of this information scandal against yourselves by persisting, bullying, and threatening.@jabeh_siah