This week, with the help of foreign speakers and media, kremlin propaganda tried to promote pro-russian narratives related to military aid from the West

American analyst Brian Berletik claimed on his page on Twitter that the UK sends weapons of poor quality to Ukraine. The purpose of disinformation is to discredit a country that is an ally of Ukraine

Hostile Telegram channels claimed that The WSJ believed that the USA should send Abrams to Taiwan, not Ukraine. The purpose of PSYOP is to spread disinformation about the «limitation of Western weapons», «Taiwan’s priority in providing aid» in order to discredit the USA as an ally of Ukraine

The VIPS criticized J.Biden’s decision to provide a new type of weapon, because it will not «prevent russia from defeating what is left of the Ukrainian army». The purpose of the manipulation is to induce the US to stop military aid to a country that has already lost the war

What else does russia need to say or do so that the «hotheads» in the [US President’s] administration come to their senses and prevent nuclear armageddon?» – the russian Ambassador to the USA, Anatoliy Antonov, recently made such a statement

In general, the aggressive «rattling» of nuclear weapons has long been an integral part of first Soviet, and then russian, foreign policy. And this «trick» is used every time the kremlin suffers defeats or failures

The situation with the «three-day» war against Ukraine, which has been going on for almost a year, was no exception!?

How the kremlin is trying to intimidate the entire civilized world by using its own nuclear arsenal, read in the infographic of the Center for Countering Disinformation dedicated to the International Day of Mobilizing Efforts Against the Threat of Nuclear War

The russian mass media, citing The American Conservative, reported: «Kyiv’s plan to conquer Crimea is doomed to failure, as the inhabitants of the peninsula want to be part of russia»: «The 1994 referendum showed that about 80% of Crimeans want unity with russia. However, the Ukrainian leadership reacted by canceling the Crimean constitution, depriving it of its autonomy»

prigozhin reported about the discovery of bodies of foreign mercenaries with severed heads and hands in Bakhmut: «Due to heavy fighting, the enemy couldn’t pull [them] out and thus tried to hide their identities»

«The troops of russia went on the offensive in the north of the Kharkiv region <…> [there is] a high probability that the usual combat reconnaissance [in this direction] may end in trouble for the Armed Forces of Ukraine», reported the russian mass media

Pro-russian Telegram channels spread fakes about provocations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The message of the occupiers refers to the intentions of the Ukrainian military to shoot the civilian population, dressed in the uniform of the PMC «Wagner», in order to accuse russia of war crimes

According to the enemy, executions are planned in the cities on the contact line — Chasiv Yar, Lyman, Bakhmut, Kostyantynivka

This message is a provocation and «an informational alibi» that the russians use to cover up their crimes.
The enemy is trying to remove responsibility for the number of tortured and killed civilians and discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The main narrative promoted by the russian media today

This statement was published on volodin’s Telegram channel. He added that Washington and its regime in Ukraine in order to maintain influence over citizens, «deprived people of their political rights and freedoms»:

  • Objectionable mass media were closed
  • Banned political parties
  • The church was persecuted

putin needs such narratives to prepare russians for general mobilization

The head of the State Duma decided not to specify that in the war started by russia, Ukraine closed only pro-russian mass media, banned a pro-russian political party, and returned to Ukraine churches under russian control

kremlin propagandists consider canonical only what belongs to russia, and everything else for them is fascism sponsored by the USA

Disinformation and manipulative campaigns:

Zaporizhzhia region

In Melitopol, agitators convince children to join the «centers» of all-russian movements of children and youth. The goal of their activity is to impose the «russian world» on students, to convince them that russia is cool, promising, and modern

Kherson region

In the Kakhovsky district, the russians forbid children to study online according to the Ukrainian program and threaten to forcibly take them to Crimea and russia for «education»

Donetsk region

In Mariupol, local residents are forced to obtain a russian passport for treatment and medical insurance. People are denied treatment and examination even with the existing equipment, without state health insurance

Luhansk region

Parents’ chats receive reminders from the class teachers of Novopskov schools about the need to force children to learn the words of the russian anthem in order to perform it at school

How Ukraine is discussed in the Western media on February 1

American economist Jeffrey Sachs said at a meeting of the Serbian association «Center for Geostrategic Studies» that there is a war between the USA and russia in Ukraine

J.Sachs spreads this narrative in order to preserve russia’s reputation on the world stage and to justify its numerous defeats in the war against Ukraine

American politician Jeff Young claims on Twitter that Zelenskyy is a war criminal and a Nazi. He also adds that countries that demand more weapons to be sent to the «puppet Nazi government of Ukraine» are anti-Semitic

J.Young spreads narratives consonant with russian ones about «Nazism in Ukraine» and that «Ukraine is a puppet of the United States». The goal is to shift responsibility for the start of hostilities to Ukraine, whose criminal regime forced russia to attack it

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