Carefully contrived misinformation prepared for the purpose of misleading, deluding, disrupting, or undermining confidence in individuals, organizations, or governments.

Fundamentals of information warfare. Part 1: Fox News, Tucker Carlson

The Cynic Основы информационной войны Fundamentals of information warfare. Part 1: Fox News, Tucker Carlson... The time has come to reveal a little the essence of information-psychological wars on the…

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Putin’s Next Disinfo Campaign

#CCD_warns: kremlin’s disinformation campaign regarding the retreat of the occupiers from the Right Bank of the Kherson Region has been revealed russians made «informational noise» around the issue of the…

Russia Distributes Deflection Talking Points on the Crimean Bridge

Suggested phrases List of phrases recommended for state-patriotic journalists when describing the situation with the Crimean bridge (as part of the gratuitous humanitarian aid from the presidential administration): https://www.treadstone71.com/index.php/intel-briefs/killnet-xaknet 1.…