IRGC Aerospace’s “The Great Prophet 15” exercise

Along with the ballistic missile maneuvers by the IRGC was the showcase of 4 Shahed 161 drones flying in formation.

Video footage also showcases the destructive force these suicide drones can cause to on-ground vehicles and equipment.

High Quality video footage from the first phase of IRGC Aerospace’s “The Great Prophet 15” exercise.

Footage showcases the use of ballistic missiles as well as kamikaze drones along with their destructive power and high accuracy

During this phase, the use of several surface-to-surface ballistic missiles were fired along with kamikaze drones to destroy hypothetical targets. All targets have been eliminated.

— Compilation made by ImaMedia featuring IRGC’s “The Great Prophet 15” exercise from different perspectives and angles.

IRGC Aerospace Commander, Brigadier General Hajizadeh today stated that the used ballistic missiles are of a new generation type.

In addition, BGen. Hajizadeh stated that today’s capabilities were new due to the combining power of ballistic missiles, drone operations and the use of artificial intelligence (which has introduced new possibilities and power).