Iranian kamikaze drones were delivered to Belarus, — a message from the management of the Zahid Forces of the Security Council dated October 7.

According to Belarusian sources, at least 20 Shahid-136 kamikaze drones and their control points have been delivered to the Luninets airfield.

However, the well-known channel Belarusian Gayun did not confirm such information and provided its analysis and assumptions.
“We don’t know what could be used to bring such a number of drones to Belarus. The only military transport aircraft that has arrived from the Russian Federation in recent days is the An-72, which arrived at the Machulyshchi airfield yesterday,” said Gayun on October 7.

On the night of October 7-8, an An-148 vks with number RA-61733 arrived in Machulishchi from Moscow (with a stopover in Rostov), bringing an unknown cargo.

“At the same time, on public air radars, such as FlightRadar24, it can be seen that when arriving/departing from Rostov, the plane either turned off the ADS-B transponder (transmission of coordinates), or there are no receivers in this area that broadcast the flight path on FR24.” – writes the Belarusian village.
It is noted that on October 6, the plane RA-61733 flew from Moscow to Tehran. An-148 is a passenger plane with a relatively small cargo compartment and, theoretically, could bring on board: Iranian drones, spare parts for them, or tuning specialists.

An aerial alert is currently underway in the Volyn and Rivne regions, and there have been reports of the possibility of using drones from the territory of Belarus.

We are waiting for confirmation or denial.

By Treadstone 71

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