#Cyber-attacks against “Commander of the Resistance, #Amerli Battle” game – The Full Story

At the beginning of 1998, Sardar Haj Ghasem Soleimani had a demand that the lives of the soldiers defending the shrine should be portrayed properly in today’s language, and we would have liked Sardar Haj Ghasem to be present today when we are going to unveil this game. While we were writing the game “Nabl and Al-Zahra”, that tragic event took place at one and twenty minutes on Friday night, the 13th of January, and Hajj Qasim Aziz was martyred. During one of the Friday prayers, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution recounted a memory of Hajj Qasim and said that in an area surrounded by 360 degrees of the enemy, Hajj Qasim finally entered the city by helicopter and liberated the city with the help of the people’s forces. “After examining this fascinating memory, we realized how much it has the potential to become a glorious and fascinating game.”
The city of Amerli in Iraq’s Salah al-Din province was under siege for 80 days by the takfiri terrorist group ISIS. In September 1993, the siege was broken by attacks by the Iraqi army and the popular uprising.

#Iranian #Basijis Violently Suppress Protests over Water

Air rifles (powered air pistols, air guns), which discharge hundreds of pellets in a single shot, can inflict severe and life-changing injuries and even cause death. According to the Norway-based Iran Human Rights, “at least 30 people suffered severe eye injuries after being hit by pellets.

Iranian Intelligence Services – ( Shahid Kaveh ) The Sayad Project and Sayad 2 – Dissident & Foreign Support, Internal Targeting – Khalq Project 99

Treadstone 71 reports on Iranian influence operations, cyber operations, persona generation, Basij Cyber Battalions, and targeted adversary analysis (see the links below).  Iranian intelligence operations demonstrates fear of dissident and opposition activities abroad and an effort to control and eliminate any potential counter narrative to the official revolutionary line, including assassinations. Iran controls internal communications with Dezhfa.

The Basij Cyber Battalions are working to counter enemy attacks in cyberspace (Names and cadre for some of the Basij Resistance areas around Tehran)

گردان‌های سایبری بسیج برای مقابله با هجمه دشمنان در فضای مجازی فعالیت می‌کنند (Featured image compliments of #Iranwire) Commander of West Azeri Martyrs Corps said...

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