Major General Salami: We are breaking the monopoly of the great powers in the field of advanced communication technologies.

The Sepehr 110 Tactical Communication System was unveiled at the presence of Major General Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The Sepehr 110 Tactical Communication System has the ability to cope with electronic warfare (cyber-electronic) and is resistant to any kind of attacks, including hacking, penetration, deception, disruption and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) actions.

Young engineers of the IRIB’s ( Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) Information Technology and Communication Technology Corps developed, built, optimized, and updated ICT communication equipment in order to support the command and control systems of the ground-based operations and ground-based units with usable capabilities.  This ‘vector’ is in all terrestrial, air and navy vehicles, in particular attacking operations while in the pursuit of aggressive enemy.

Iranian Military Installations

The Sepehr 110 Tactical Communication System addresses all communications needs of commanders at various levels of strategic, operational, tactical in terms of combat defense, and defensive security, and during unwanted crises such as incidental accidents.

The system has multiple communication layers for security, security, telecommunication HF and urban, local and regional communications including v / uhf, digital, secure, multiband, multichannel, Ds, FH, Adhoc, Cellular, Resistant And with bandwidth-capable network and bandwidth routing capabilities for transmitting audio, data, and images.

Layered wireless and wireless communications. Safe and robust headquarters, armies and bridges to provide the possibility of steady and movable command and control in all operations, in particular attack operations in all geographical and operational areas in the system. It is equipped with the ability to deal with Electronic warfare (Cyber ​​Electronic) and resistant to any type of enemy action, including: hacking, penetration, deception, disruption and EMP actions.


According to the report, the system is high speed and very flexible in the use of systems without vehicles, on vessels or the ability to transfer to highlands and all areas and use them in any weather condition. The geographic and operational environment of other features of the “Sepehr 110” include biological and operating facilities in fixed and mobile conditions, with the possibility of using diverse and self-sufficient power supplies.

The Sepehr 110 Multi-Purpose Tactical Communication System, with a variety of capabilities for commanding headquarters, troops, and brigades, is usable in attacking operations to successfully exploit and track down enemy aggression.

Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Lt. Gen. Hossein Salami:
The system is the brain of the Armed Forces, “the developments in the field of communications have made the system of command and control very accurate, real delivering the right information at the right time. The is system is interconnected ensuring no question as to what elements are on the the battlefield, and ultimately integrates all battlefield capabilities.
He added that the possibility of connecting all the components of a defense system to the instantaneous and rapid transmission of the messaging through “communications” makes it possible to establish a full command, control and control process between the different levels of tactics, operations and strategy.
General Salami highlighted the communications field as one of the most essential tools of the armed forces, and emphasized that breaking the monopoly of the great powers in the field of advanced communication technologies, saying:
“Like all areas that flourished at the time of the boycott of talent (sanctions), we were forced to think. Think and listen to the young Iranian; in this regard, we executed this program seeing many great results and innovations. We are at the forefront in the field of ICTs and command and control believing we are not exaggerating our leadership in this area.”
Referring to the features of the Sepehr 110 Tactical Communication System, and emphasizing that the system has the most modern communication security systems, Maj. Gen. appreciated the efforts of the IRGC’s IT and communications technology and designers and developers of this new and advanced system.

He concluded: “There are a variety of techniques to maintain electronic communications, sustainable, security, fluid communications during war. All these features are present in this system, and in terms of technology, it is a new achievement ICT has built.

By Treadstone 71

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