United Arab Emirates air defenses engaging multiple targets over Abu Dhabi, explosions reported. Planes not being allowed to arrive in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Video Geolocation:
— 24.55395, 54.67898

A video of the extensive activity of the defense systems of the city of Abu Dhabi in the UAE, which may have been subjected to a combined attack.

Broadcast videos show a large number of defense missiles being fired and the sound of an explosion being heard in Abu Dhabi

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Yemen to keep up counterstrikes until the end of invasion: Ansarullah official

A senior Yemeni official vows that the country will keep up its counteroffensives until its complete liberation from the scourge of a United States-backed and Saudi-led invasion and siege.


Overall, according to both Yemeni and Emirati sources, the Houthi strike was more extensive than originally thought. The Houthis carried out a combined launch of a total of five ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as a number of “kamikaze” drones. Some of these missiles and drones were intercepted by Saudi and UAE missile defense and air defense systems, but the rest were still able to break through this powerful protective umbrella and hit targets on the territory of the UAE. This is known from official statements from Abu Dhabi about a fire near the Abu Dhabi airport and explosions in the storage area of ​​the oil company ADNOC in the industrial port of Mussaf, which killed three and injured six foreign workers. The Ad Dhafra air base itself is just a few kilometers from the affected ADNOC storage facilities, meaning the ballistic missile must also have been aimed at the same ADNOC facility.

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