Information Security

Russian Cybersecurity Sorely Lacking

In Their Words - A roadmap for targeting RU Systems 10/2023Department of the Federal Service forHeads of organizationsFederal DistrictMerah0 security of the Federation's infrastructure to improve the Russian information. An analysis of information about threats to information security, carried out by specialists from the FSTEC of Russia in the current situation, shows that foreign hacker groups are exploiting software vulnerabilities when carrying out computer attacks on the information infrastructure of the Russian Federation. activelyIn order…

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Training Subscription – All Online Courses for One Year 500 students

Training Subscription - All Online Courses for One Year 500 students Limited Opportunity: Only 20 Subscriptions Available at $99,990.00 ($4.71/class/student) Introducing the One Year Five Hundred subscription from Treadstone 71 – a unique and comprehensive training package designed to unleash the potential of your existing staff and guide new employees from junior to senior levels. The full Treadstone 71 online course catalogue at your fingertips. Over forty courses and counting. Our curriculum spans traditional cyber…

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Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training

DALLAS Oct 30-Nov 3 Monday-Thursday 7:45-5 PM, Friday 7:45-12 PM. Dallas Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training: Transform Your Cyber Capabilities with AI-Infused Insights Discover the edge you've been looking for with Treadstone 71's immersive Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training. Featuring hands-on experience with innovative AI tools, including ChatGPT, we tailor this dynamic course to elevate your expertise in cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, and cognitive warfare. What You Will Gain: In-depth Browser Security: Master operational security with multi-browser configurations, testing for…

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CZ Leak

Czech Republic A small website dump dedicated to personal railway cars, electric or motor units, outboard engines, control cars... In short, everything on the railway (usually) for the transport of passengers. Draining more than 250 users. usersDownload

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Cognitive Warfare Course Online and In Person Training

Treadstone 71 Cognitive Warfare The art of using technology to alter the cognition of human targets. They are usually unaware. Those countering the results may be unaware. Combat without fighting. There are many misconceptions on this topic.         Our training starts here! What is Cognitive Warfare?The Treadstone 71 series of Cognitive Warfare courses study practices, methods, tools, technologies of information operations, examples of hybridization, including approaches of countering this type of warfare. The…

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ThreatSec hacks Genesys – Drops 3.5GB

Another company embroiled in corruption, another breach. This time, we bring you 3.5GB of data captured from, which includes customer information, website sources, and more! :D The Chief of Genesys has been charged with falsifying tax returns and embezzlement; apparently, being a multi-millionaire wasn't quite enough for him, and he needed to steal more.They collaborate with Vodafone and many other notable companies, so we hope this is yet another illustration of just how awful…

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