#Iranian #Basijis Violently Suppress Protests over Water

Air rifles (powered air pistols, air guns), which discharge hundreds of pellets in a single shot, can inflict severe and life-changing injuries and even cause death. According to the Norway-based Iran Human Rights, “at least 30 people suffered severe eye injuries after being hit by pellets.

NOHED – 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade – Iran

publishing news regularly and systematically in order to help the country’s foreign policy and increase its credibility and gain sympathy and support, including psychological warfare with long-term goals.

سومین کنفرانس گردانندگان شبکه ایران

Threat Sharing" presented by Kazem Fallahi from Ravaro Team at the Third Network Operators Conference in Iran #Ravaro #Share_sharing #Security #CyberSecurity #Threat_Sharing #IRNOG3 [gallery ids="10170,10171,10172,10173,10174,10175,10176,10177,10178,10179,10180,10181,10182,10183,10184,10185,10186,10187,10188,10189,10190,10191,10192,10193,10194,10195,10196,10197,10198,10199,10200,10201,10202,10203,10204,10205,10206,10207,10208,10209,10210,10211,10212,10213,10214,10215,10216,10217,10218,10219,10220,10221"...

Treadstone 71 on Yahoo Finance

January 8, 2020 [wpvideo 8e3xd4zJ]

Iran Cyber: When fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your teeth.

Iran can respond very easily to US regional proxy forces including Israel and Saudi Arabia. They can mine the Persian Gulf; they can target US...

Biography of Commander Qaani – Al-Quds Force

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's quick election of Ismail Qaani as Quds Force's new commander, but only because he announced that nothing had happened and the body...

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