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Below was taken from insurrection supporting sites and those blending their twisted version of Christianity related to their cause:

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Christ needs WARRIORS (Part 1)

We’ve thoroughly established that Christ [1] and the Father in Heaven [2] are by no means pacifists. How does this reflect on our own duties as Christians?

In our short lives on this fallen earth, we either make the world more akin to Eden or Hell, for lack of better words. Peace is but a mere fantasy unless one is willing to fight tooth and nail for their people. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (Jn. 15:13). Cowardice is an affront to God.

Evil does not cease to exist until the Second Coming, so until then it’ll be a fact of life. Good and evil cannot co-inhabit the same space peacefully, “for what fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14). Tolerance of sin is sin in of itself. For that very reason, Ecclesiastes tells us that “to everything there is a season… a time to kill, and a time to heal… a time for war, and a time for peace.” (3:1-8).

Christ needs WARRIORS (Part 2)

Looking at the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:28, we see the commission to “fill the earth and subdue it”. The word for subdue, kabash (H3533), is commonly used in contexts of martial conquest (Num. 32:22; Jer. 34:16; Josh. 18:1), implying that the original plan of mankind as God’s representatives would be to expand the Edenic boundaries with force and might. This is no different to the Christian hope of the New Heavens and the New Earth (Rev. 21), upon which God’s Kingdom is to reign. As God’s imagers, it is our duty to bring order to chaos, hence our call to “establish” the Law (Rom. 3:31).

“The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Mtt 11:12), and so it isn’t something we should only passively wait for, but something we should zealously strive for in everything we do. We should fight earnestly for the Kingdom, while knowing in our hearts that only through God’s will can evil be forever vanquished and Paradise ushered in.

Why is Christianity anathema to modernity unless it is being used as a proxy for Kumbaya multi-racialism or pearls-before-swine missionary work to the 3rd World? Why does the jew dread the God-fearing White man and not the Catholic Mestizo or the Methodist Nigerian?

Biblical Warrior Virtues (Series)

Having concluded our series demonstrating the necessity for men of God to be able to make both peace and war (and sometimes war for peace), we saw fit to compile them in one place. We demonstrate that God is not afraid of using war to His own ends, that Christ was not a pacifist moral guru as the modern man would like to suggest, and that when He returns He does so with the intent to conquer the world, rather than making peace with it. We then conclude by showing how this reflects upon the Christian man, in conviction and in deed, that we are forever at war against evil both inside and out. One should infer from this that Christianity is not pacifist, and that pacifism is not Christian.

[1] God is Not a Pacifist.
[2] Christ was Not a Pacifist.
[3] Christ will Return to Wage War.
[4] Christ needs Warriors (Part 1).
[5] Christ needs Warriors (Part 2).
[6] Christ needs Warriors (Part 3).

List of recent Telegram bans/censored channels & chats.

-The Gray Hour
-Fascist bot (edit: false claim?)
-Shitpost Gang
-Bellum Acta (post censored)
-Family Matters (post censored)
-💥Accelerationist Revival ☄️ (post censored)
-Hatelab (deleted)
-Eco-Fascist Central
-Union 88 Gas Co
-Kill Lab
-White Makes Right
-Moon Central
-Cascadia Pacific Northwest
-Warrior Worldview
-RW Bookclub
-Nogals Redpills (post censored)
-BennyPilled (iOS ban)
-Terrorwave Restored (deleted)
-RightWing Renegade
-Incorrigible bigotry
-Corona Chan News (iOS ban)
-Skelter Order Numen
-The Snake Pit
-Multiculturalism (post censored)
-Western Masculine
-Acceleration Architecture
-Krypteia (deleted)
-Catloaf News (post censored)

Note: Some channels have been deleted, others simply had their forwarded posts displaying messages from moderation.

What else do Americans need to wake up?:
— Dystopian laws, prototypes of a Second Patriot Act being passed
— Disarmamentist lobbies pushing for projects to ban federal weapons
— Censorship and massive virtual crackdowns happening
— Gatekeepers and notorious agents of the System (Posobiec, Cernovich and others of the American “moderate Right” as an example) trying to keep the American Cattle (read the boomers) peaceful, to avoid any kind of reaction
— No-fly lists focused on half the US population
— Leaders elected simply to chicken out and betray their voters.

What else, do you American reader, need to wake up?

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