Today, in different parts of the #Iran, we saw that hundreds of thousands of compatriots lined up in front of offices to buy SIM cards and register for a one million toman loan, despite the risk of death due to COVID-19.

While the helpless people of Iran risk their lives for one million tomans or 60 dollars, yesterday the news of the embezzlement of 4 billion and 800 million dollars by the leaders of the regime.

People are still shocked by this embezzlement, and some people can’t imagine how much money this is, as former cleric Akbar Turkan announced today that another 20 billion currency has been looted. Watch this video of how millions of Chilean people attacking mercenaries

Meanwhile, the #IRGC commanders are trying to deceive the public and the government with a toy called a virus finder, in order to pocket billions of dollars. In addition, there are reports of widespread corruption by the Ministry of Health, the Revolutionary Guards, and leadership-supervised institutions importing corona detection kits from South Korea.

So when such a government commits such a betrayal even in the difficult days when people are in danger of death due to the coronavirus, in poverty and misery, and the #IRGC so rudely and ruthlessly plunder billions, they must stand up against such a government and overthrow it.

If we come out like this all over Iran, we can overthrow this regime in just one day. This regime is much weaker than we think.

We are not afraid of what will happen next, we have enough elite people in all the provinces to lead such a revolution until the establishment of democracy in a united Iran.

So getting ready, whether with Corona or without Corona, the way to go is revolution, and the sooner the better. Know that with this regime we will never have better days. The continuation of this regime means poverty, misery and death for all of us. So get ready…

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