Establishment of a cyberspace headquarters in Masoumiyah Theological Higher Education Institute – Data Laundering

…part of this work is done by the Basij Cyber Battalion: “After the content production group, the publishing unit is responsible for publishing in cyberspace, and this is how we ask students and professors to post all pages while introducing their official pages and channels to us. This includes animated gigs, podcasts, video clips, general information, etc. We organize the posting schedule ensuring we push our content through legitimate channels. In the continuation of this process, the contents of the approved pages is published to the group inserted into the official pages and channels of students and professors.

Masoumiyah Theological

This is almost like ‘data laundering,’ the concealment of the origins of biased and false data, and propaganda, typically by means of inter-mingling of this data with legimate data through legitimate organizations.

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