Forming #cyber battalions and service teams is one of the core plans of the #Basij

Conquering the peaks of honor by relying on the will of the youth. The task of mobilizing the spirit of hope to reach a high point of honor.

“The formation of cyber battalions and service teams should be defined as the core plans of the bases,” said the head of the Basij Mobile Organization.

According to West Azarbaijan Science and Technology correspondent, Sardar Suleimani during the Basijan rally at Urumia base, said: Basij’s concerns and demands for the mobilization of the Basij are considered in the second step of the Islamic Revolution.

He added: Explaining the requirements of the second step of the revolution by the leader of the revolution, recommending the youth to deal with different aspects of the requirements creates greater burdens in completing the tasks of the Basij.

The forty-second year of the revolution has begun with authority, grandeur, and a pride. Although the enemies of the Islamic world are trying to slow down the movement of the people, we have succeeded in this path for the first forty years, the prosperity of the Iranian people and the humiliation of the enemy will increase again.

He continued: “All the hardships and efforts are the basis for the emergence of Hojjat.

Suleimani said: Divine jurisdiction of the province has led us to the divine victory, and the nation of Islamic Iran.

He emphasized: the pressure that the enemy has experienced over the past years, especially after the developments in the United States, to elevate the standing of the Islamic Revolution and complete the state-building phase leading to the entry into the new phase of Islamic civilization, has put an end to plunder and domination. It is the arrogance of the West.

Sardar Soleimani, said: Divisive factors at different times have prevented the Islamic Revolution movement from accelerating in other countries, but we see that the liberating countries have had serious successes by modeling Islamic Iran and as a result the Revolutionary Front with its capabilities and scarce assets is succeeding. The enemy has not been able to win the battlefield.

He added: “All efforts by the enemy to confront the Iranian nation are a sign of authority and stability of the people in the second step of the revolution.

“We have succeeded in conquering the crowds by relying on the capacity of the people and the youth,” said the head of the Bazaar. Wherever we cling to the foundations of the Islamic Revolution, resort to the words of the leader of the revolution and the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, the result has been nothing but old age for the regime.

“All successes are rooted in a sacred defense that has taught people the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom,” he said.

Even Britain, as a country, exhibits dictatorship where the Queen can shut down the Parliament but Islamic Iran has not even closed its parliament for a day, with multiple elections and a progressive constitution a real place for popular rule. We have showed the world.

At the end of his speech, the head of the Bazaar Mostafaafin Organization, referring to the country’s capabilities in various fields, said:

“We are rich in infrastructure and natural resources and we are twice as rich as the world average. This is the hope and belief we can have. To sacrifice and give.

“We ar mobilizing the spirit of hope and tranquility to reach a high point of excellence,” he added.

Commander Suleimani acknowledged: Despite heavy propaganda and threats from the enemy in the field of cultural warfare, today we are witnessing great successes in various fields.

The head of the Basij Organization of the Mostazafin emphasized: The phenomenon of #Arbaeen is a phenomenon of modern Islamic civilization and has become one of the symbols of unity of all religions, which is the magnet of Imam Hussein (AS).

He added: “The unity and empathy of the Iranian people in times of crisis, such as floods and earthquakes, and on special revolutionary days, such as marches, are exemplary for the whole world.”

Commander Soleimani stated: Today, the Resistance Basij must go hand in hand with the needs of the area and the specific needs of the region, such as the formation of battalions and services to disadvantaged people, strengthening the culture of resistance and sacrifice and martyrdom.

He said: “By supporting the sites and providing the platform for innovation and creativity, we are looking to improve the activity of the sites.”