Syrian army attack on the Turkish army

Statement by the Syrian Kurds on an agreement with Damascus

We have never sought separation from Syria but have always called for dialogue and peaceful resolution of the crisis.

Turkey has been actively playing a negative role in promoting terrorism in Syria since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.
We have a duty to defend Syria’s borders and territorial integrity.
For this reason, the Syrian army can be deployed on the border with Turkey and act to defend the borders and liberate the cities occupied by the Turkish army and its mercenaries.
We declare to our forces that the deployment of the Syrian army is based on coordination with the Syrian Authority and the democratic forces.

Syrian troops arrive

#Turkish media reports bombing areas of #Ras_Aleen #Syria by Turkish F-16 fighter jets. Oct 9According to the published images, a number of # US troops have returned to the northeastern # Syrian border to prevent #Turkish attacks on #Kurds.همینک، جنگنده های F-16 نیروهوایی #ترکیه در حال بازگشت به پایگاه هوایی جهت سوخت گیری و تجدید سلاح هستند.Right now, the B350 military surveillance aircraft is monitoring #Syria’s #Kurdish northeast # forces.Iran conducts “unexpected” military maneuvers near the Turkish borderAt the same time as Turkish movements in northeast Syria, the Iranian army began its “unexpected” combat in the northwest of the country. There is also a war in southern Iran. These exercises contain messages for “enemies” and “trans-regional forces.”

The Turkish Army’s Sakarya rocket launcher, located behind a creek behind the zero-point border with Syria’s Hasakah province, is ready to launch fire and rocket fire on the positions of the democratic Syrian forces as well as the PKK.