Recent advances by the GNA in #Libya directly south of Tripoli.

GNA commander of Sirte & Jufra op room: We are preparing a big attack on LNA east and south of Abugrein.

Liberation of Abugrein and Sirte operation is steady moving according to instructions of the army command.

Footage of GNA forces at Tripoli International Airport in recent days. Benghazi Shura Council fighters can be seen in here as well. According to the United Nations BRSC is an extremist group formed by Mohammed Al Zahawi (Ansar AlSharia) & Wissam Bin Hmaid back in 2014. Al Zahaawi once met with Osama bin Laden, and when Zahawi was killed in January 2015, he was eulogized by al-Qaeda as a martyr.

Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey Yerhov responding to the question whether there are Russian warplanes in #Libya: -Ortadoğu Haber
“Wouldn’t schools and hospitals be bombed, if there were a Russian presence?”

“Russian presence means there is no difference between schools, hospitals and military barracks. There is no such thing “civilian” nor human right. Everyone is a soldier regardless.”