Iran is Grasping – Floating Conspiracy Theories on the Downing of the Ukrainian Jet

Here is the latest theory (after claiming it was mechanical, it was a 737 MAX, etc.):

American war crime” defending parallel to human error

Although human error is evident and the operator has mistakenly assumed and fired the passenger plane on a cruise missile, and although the reasons for issuing a permit to fly the passenger aircraft in such critical conditions remain subject to media scrutiny, some experts are certain to do so. Domestic as well as some foreign media have also raised the question of how the air defense system in question first lost its radio communication and how the passenger aircraft saw the cruise missile.


Western media site The Drive has speculated that the US electronic warfare system may have identified the passenger aircraft as part of Iran’s defense as a war target. In any case, human error is a definite defense, and he has seen the aircraft cruise missile anyway, but if these speculations about the US electronic warfare are found to be true, it would mean that the US military committed a major war crime.

However, the Iranian military forces have never targeted civilians in spite of their high capability in the electronic warfare.

Another rumor has been raised that the Zionist regime’s role in manipulating the Ukrainian aircraft system could signal the wrong signals on the radar.

Reports on one of these sites have made it clear that the Ukrainian plane had been at Ben Gurion Airport in Tavuevo three weeks ago;
Why and how a suspicious video was shot in a relatively desert environment at a certain hour at midnight by someone associated with the Western media (Nariman Gharibi) and why and how some Arabic media were immediately alerted, including Saudi Hadith. Makes the issue completely suspicious and eligible for further investigation.

Being affected by electronic warfare or some kind of cyberattack is one of those options we are investigating (much like Stuxnet and other such attacks, these take much longer). Accordingly, an examination of some foreign defense media suggests that the issue of cyberattack and electronic warfare in general cannot be excluded, even though it is sometimes referred to as the Israeli unit “. Death of “Ukrainian Plane in Iranian Sky.” (Israeli unit 5)

Iranian video explanation