Gonjeshke Darand Release Part II

Today, we are exposing the second part of top secret documents and tens of thousands of emails from three leading steel companies in Iran on their customers and trading practices as evidence of these companies’ affiliation with the IRGC. Also, we are exposing a new video and some photos of our cyberattacks on Iran's steel industry. [wpvideo cvyuDpKS] [gallery ids="50460,50461,50462" type="rectangular"]

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Israel – possibility of a cyber attack was not out of the question due to the widespread power outage.

Israeli security sources told an Israeli television channel that the  According to Tasisat News , following the morning announcement of news sources about widespread power outages in occupied Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ur Akifa, Haifa, Netanya, Rahofut and some settlements around the Gaza Strip, security sources in an interview with Channel 12 TV Israel and the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth provided explanations in this regard, which contradicted the report of the regime's electricity company. Security sources reported that three…

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Iran is Grasping – Floating Conspiracy Theories on the Downing of the Ukrainian Jet

Here is the latest theory (after claiming it was mechanical, it was a 737 MAX, etc.): American war crime” defending parallel to human error Although human error is evident and the operator has mistakenly assumed and fired the passenger plane on a cruise missile, and although the reasons for issuing a permit to fly the passenger aircraft in such critical conditions remain subject to media scrutiny, some experts are certain to do so. Domestic as…

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