Wallex data status – Money Laundering Connections Vahid Heidari, son of Fathollah

Jorjandi, begged us to give him the information of the IRGC, we did not think he would understand.
Wallex data is gradually becoming public and not for sale. Do not immerse yourself in PV (private chat).
In the first stage, we are uploading 14 GB of authentication photos … the link will be placed here.

Introducing the factors of disclosure of public information in Wax platform number 1:

Vahid Heidari, son of Fathollah, national number 0012094048, born 69, contact number 09121950305, resident of Tehran, Mirdamad, Atlasi St., Behbahani Alley

Amin Amini, son of Ahmad, national number 0371415111, born in 75, contact number 9361487270, resident of Arak, Mostafa Khomeini alley, Zamangir alley

Seyed Mohammad Secretary, son of Seyed Azizaleh, national number 0520858786, born 74, contact numbers 9382574015 and 09201198298, resident of Arak, Malek St., Nik Roush Alley

All the identity information of the dirty business owners of Wallex and their connections with money laundering networks is also posted on this channel.

When a business rises for a week and does not spend an hour on its security at the same time, this is the result … By what right is the sensitive identity data of the people collected by Wallex?

NOTE: Others claim this is a fake hack and setup to extort money:

Early investigation show the information belongs to the #I_Miner fraudulent website, and the hacker is selling them under other titles with the aim of extorting money.