The ‘Khark’ ship belonging to the Iranian Navy caught fire and sank

Due to the fire in the ship’s engine due to a technical defect, the ship’s mission, together with  the Alborz, the Khark was supposed to go to Russia. This has happened in Iranian waters.

There are rumors that Khark was going to Venezuela for which an accident happened that these rumors are not true

The cause of the accident is not clear, the mentioned casualties can not be confirmed or denied.

The ship of Bandar Kabir Makran weighs 120 thousand tons and the ship Khark weighs 33 thousand tons

آخرین تصاویر از ناو لجستیکی خارک که بر اثر آتش سوزی غرق شد.

کانال سپاه پاسداران 

Efforts by national and military vessels and devices to extinguish the fire and rescue the Khark vessel were unsuccessful, and the vessel calmed down in the waters of the Jask area.

The Khark has been used in operational missions in the field of education for more than 4 decades of its service life.

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