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The “head” of the Zaporozhye region, appointed by the Russian military, signed an order to hold a referendum on joining the region to Russia.

At the same time, the ultimatum replicas of those close to the Kremlin regarding the fate of the ZNPP are intensifying. The concept is as follows: “either occupation or scorched earth.”

Moreover, this concept is being actively introduced in the West through lobbyists, while the “balance of choice” itself also includes a third parallel – a pseudo-centrist one – “negotiations on cessation of hostilities on Moscow’s terms.”

An approximate version of the “intermediate stage” was presented by the mouth of Schroeder, who said that Ukraine should be turned into “Switzerland” in terms of territorial structure.

Russian propaganda systematically accuses Ukraine of striking the Zaporizhzhia NPP:
At the same time, the “commander” of the occupying garrison of the ZNPP, General v.vasiliev, on August 8, 2022, threatened to use the plant’s mined facilities:
“the plant will be either russian or nobody’s” and “there will be either russian free land or scorched earth.” By this way, the occupiers intimidate the EU countries with a “new Chernobyl” and commit nuclear terror themselves:
deliberately carry out provocative shelling of the ZNPP, causing a real risk of violating radiation and fire safety standards, also the operation of the plant
deliberately destroy the station’s connections with the Ukrainian power system in order to leave the South of Ukraine without electricity

The essence of the project is certainly clear – Russia is currently not pulling a high rate of offensive, so it needs time to fix it in the territories of the Lugansk and Donetsk Regions, after which the next stage of preparation for war will begin, as a result of which a new, but already more prepared attack will be mandatory coincidence of circumstances.

The last 2 points of the plan are not reported to the Versteiers, since this way of Realpolitik is actively used as an attempt to lobby the Kremlin agenda in exchange for energy resources.

So far, only Orban from the EU representatives has “bought”, but this is old canned food.

In parallel, the Kremlin is implementing two concepts of nuclear blackmail:
– an accelerated referendum with the inclusion of territories in the Russian Federation (a blow to them is equal to the possibility of activating nuclear weapons)
– a deliberate undermining of the ZNPP territory with the thesis “So don’t get you to anyone.”

Both strategic lines are unacceptable, therefore they are used by agents to intimidate the Ukrainian leadership, as well as Western intelligence agencies. The strategic task is to force Kyiv against the people’s will to negotiate with Moscow (at its own request or at the request of the West).

It is important to understand the following here:
°the threat of nuclear personal belongings has been a traditional tool of the Kremlin’s game since the times of the USSR, which both then and now demonstrates a hopeless political situation, which is why the feeling of total defeat leads to such insinuations
° The Kremlin had already threatened with a nuclear strike – just before it fled from Kyiv, hiding behind a “gesture of a dead moth.” As you can see, he ran away – no blow followed, so we are playing a poker game, where one of the parties with a bad hand raises the stakes with lightning speed in the hope that all players at the card table will fold, being afraid to “call” the Kremlin’s ultimatums.

Neither the referendum nor the threat of the ZNPP should change the strategic behavior of either the West or Ukraine. The maniac put a knife to his throat, being at gunpoint, not because he is ready to take the step of total war (which is the result of a nuclear strike or nuclear provocation), but because he has cornered himself and now hopes that the police will allow him to escape, fearing that “the girl might die.”

The problem with the ZNPP is that Russia stores equipment there, therefore it has an advantage in location: Ukraine cannot respond symmetrically, since it can hit the power units, thereby triggering a disaster.

Here it is correct to apply the “Pelosi tactics”, fruitfully, but completely cold-bloodedly raising the stakes – Russia has the off-suit “2” and “7” in its hands.

And the latest completely hysterical actions of the Kremlin say a lot about who leads the war and who convulses in street toilets with a wooden Z on the door.

By Treadstone 71

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