Iranian use of Sentry MBA

یکی از بهترین ابزار های موجود در زمینه #Bruteforce ابزار Sentry MBA می باشد این ابزار یک ظاهر گرافیکی بسیار ساده دارد, از قابلیت های Sentry MBA

#Bypass #Captcha (#OCR) with #Sentry_MBA
One of the best tools in the field of #Bruteforce is the Sentry MBA tool. This tool has a very simple graphical appearance.

One of the features of Sentry MBA is to recognize the parameters on the page and automatically recognize the form, high capability in editing requests and capabilities.  Optical Character Recognition, OCR feature has the ability to read letters from photos and convert these letters to text.

A series of Captchas made by programmers that are composed of letters or random numbers can be compared with OCR feature.  In this demo, two such examples, Captcha, will be bypassed.

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