The Islamic Republic of Iran has produced a total of three models of long-range drones (2000 km), two of which (photo_2020-04-26_03-56-46) have been mass-produced so far.


Shahid 129 UAV has been designed, produced and mass-produced by the IRGC Air Force and is practically the most numerous and widely used Iranian long-range UAV.


The Long-range Migrant 6 drone has also been designed, produced and mass-produced by the Ministry of Defense and is currently operational in the IRGC and Army ground forces.

Meanwhile, there has never been any news about the production of the Fitras UAV, which was unveiled a few years ago, and now this is the first time that the IRGC’s ground forces have announced their intention to use this UAV.

. Features of Fitras UAV

Burden: 2000 km
.Flight Continuation: 16 to 30 hours
.High: 25 thousand feet
.Mission: combat and reconnaissance
Design and construction: Ministry of Defense

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