Hacking military projects in other countries, the “Ansar Group” hacked the office for medical services of Saudi Arabia’s army forces that belongs to Saudi Arabia’s ministry of defense, stole information about Saudi military personnel and used them for their own purposes. We are exposing here 3 slides of Ansar Group’s own presentation about this hacking operation. Obviously, after the exposure of this activity and the information of these mother-fuckers by “Lab Dookhtegan” (“Read My Lips”), the Saudi government will “welcome” them and their relatives when they visit for Hajj.
Follow us… lots of exposures are coming up…


روه انصار واحد هک و امنیت

“We are continuing our exposure of the activities of the bastard “Ansar Group”, hacking and security team, during the year 1397 (began in 21 March 2018), and this time we expose 3 presentation slides about this group’s Social Engineering attacks. This corrupt group under cursed Khamenei’s leadership steals private information and use them for its illegal activities online such as putting out fake pages, posting fake content, etc. While our compatriots have no clue, these bastards abuse their private information for achieving the goals of this cursed regime.

Very soon, we will expose this mother-fuckers “Ansar Group” annual report for the year 1398 (began in 21 March 2019), that includes military projects, telecommunication projects, energy projects, etc. One wonders who are the bastards in charge of these kind of projects…

Follow us… we have much more exposures coming up…”

As we promised, we are exposing the activities of the bastard “Ansar Group”, hacking and security team, that works directly for the cancerous un-republic, un-Islamic and un-Iranian regime and does every thing possible for following our compatriots and suppressing their rights any where in the world and hurting the region’s security. In these 4 slides from Ansar Group’s own presentation that we are exposing here with the title, “Review of the annual report for the year 1397” (1397 begins in 21 March 2018), you can see that allies and friends in the region does not mean anything to this bastard “Ansar Group” led by the impure Ayatollahs! You can see in these slides that these germs of impurity dare too far and even hurt their own ally countries in the region.


Ansar’s activities include:

1. Hacking hotels in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and access to the hotel reservations to follow our innocent compatriots outside the country
2. Hacking websites for searching our compatriots according to their mobile phone numbers!
3. Hacking websites in Saudi Arabia and Jordan
4. Hacking important companies in Arab countries
5. Hacking infrastructures in Arab countries, Israel and Turkey
6. Hacking oil fields and airports in the region
7. Hacking the website on sanctioning medicine in order to influence the public opnion and to mislead them and to divert the responsibility for the medicine crisis from this desperate regime.
8. Sending out fake emails in order to attack the computers of compatriots in the region and steal their information
9. Hacking news websites in Iraq in order to publish fake news and influence the public opinion in Iraq, even if that hurts the national interests of an ally country such as Iraq

This is only a small part of the activities of these mother-fcukers in Ansar Group during the year 1397. The exposure of these bastards’ personal information will definitely make our innocent compatriots and the countries in the region, both allies and enemies, very happy. These countries will be waiting for ambushing them as soon as they get out of Iran in order to interrogate them. Follow us… this is only the beginning of our exposure…

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