Treadstone 71 Series of Intelligence Courses – FAQ

Who benefits from the Treadstone 71 series of intelligence courses?

Information technology and information security organizations are struggling to produce actual intelligence. Most of what is delivered as intelligence is in fact either data or at best, information. Additionally, these same organizations receive data and information from analyst-type organizations who provide general products. General from the standpoint that they create a single generic threat report and then distribute it many times to most of their clients.  This is not actionable intelligence but a generic grouping of threat data passed off as intelligence.  The Treadstone 71 courses train organizations in intelligence tradecraft. From collection and production through to analysis and delivery, the Treadstone 71 series of intelligence courses teaches a much needed discipline and skill. The courses are geared to educate, provide hands-on experience and deliver focused content. Security operations centers, security analysts, risk analysts, all source intelligence analysts, analysts needing to make the jump to cyber, managers, directors and C-suite staff all benefit from the Treadstone 71 courses.

What do you teach as part of your classes?

Courses are based in academic learning coupled with hands-on exercises tied to proven methods and techniques. Treadstone 71 uses past and current methods learned from over a dozen years of cyber intelligence tradecraft execution. The methods and techniques developed by Treadstone 71 integrated with traditional tradecraft creating content that is unique, geared for immediate use, continually updated to represent the changes we experience on the Internet.  Course syllabi is confidential but suffice to say that the student leaves the class well prepared to collect, produce, analyze and deliver board-level products. Products that are clear, concise, and relevant.

Why do Fortune 500, government institutions, law enforcement and intelligence organizations choose the Treadstone 71 training?

We started the cyber intelligence, counterintelligence and cybercrime courses at Utica College nearly 5 years ago. This was prior to vendors using the term ‘cyber intelligence’ and using it incorrectly. Treadstone 71 authored those courses and helped drive enrollment through high quality content, engaging delivery methods and class labs that were live. Live from the standpoint that students engaged in activities directly in the line of ‘adversary’ fire. Students were able to take the academic aspects of the class and use them in labs. The labs included methods of anonymity, data collection of adversary methods and techniques. Techniques that go well beyond technical tactics, techniques and protocols.  Treadstone 71 teaches clandestine cyber HUMINT filling major gaps in current products delivered at very high prices from vendors. Once organizations realize they can create strategies and programs without the high priced and general information currently sold as intelligence, they make the shift to Treadstone 71. Through word-of-mouth, discussions with Treadstone 71 and an examination of training in the marketplace, students come to Treadstone 71 expecting the best education possible. We deliver the best and get organizations off the ground running after one class.  Students take home timely, relevant, useful methods for immediate use.

Where do you teach the courses?

Treadstone 71 currently teaches through FS-ISAC on a quarterly basis to financial services firms. We also teach wherever there is interest and students enough to fill a class. We teach from eight to 25 students at a time in NATO and Western align countries. Many competitors inquire on taking the class. Treadstone 71 reviews each student request and validates organizations prior to acceptance and delivery of fees. Each course is licensed to that student and protected by law.  Organizations are not allowed to take the course and deliver products and services that compete with Treadstone 71. Nor are courses allowed to be ‘re-taught’ by students. Treadstone 71 takes very seriously any violation of intellectual property laws.  Treadstone 71 has taught courses on three continents to date.

If I am a competitor and want to take the course, can I still apply?

As indicated above, we review each student. All enrollees must demonstrate email, address, phone number and other data that validates their origin. Competitors who wish to take the courses may reach out to Treadstone 71 directly at There is no guarantee we will accept your request for enrollment but we will review each request on its merits. Financial concerns and capabilities may sway our review process.

What are the courses you currently offer? Is there a sequence?

Treadstone 71 currently offers Cyber Intelligence, Cyber CounterIntelligence and Cyber Crime courses. Social Media Intelligence is in development and scheduled for release early fall 2015. The ‘cyber’ courses are sequential in nature with intelligence followed by counterintelligence and crime as the order. The Social Media Intelligence course fill focus heavily on anonymity and persona development. The Social Media Intelligence course takes the student on a psychological rollercoaster ride including influencing, manipulating and adjusting both the target and the target’s messaging. Each course includes hands-on activity that is likened to an apprenticeship.

Any other courses on the horizon?

Treadstone 71 is working another course focused upon strategic planning and program development for cyber intelligence. We have found that many organizations do not know where to get started and how to get their programs Cyber IntelTrainingoff the ground. Even though they leave each class fully capable to perform the tasks covered in each class, students are requestIng additional support in the way of strategic planning.  Treadstone 71 is creating two new courses that may be coupled with professional services to develop a cyber intelligence strategic plan that works in unison with information security and risk. Students will become skilled in writing, communicating and delivering strategic plans. Program development follows the strategic planning. The concepts and methods learned in cyber intelligence become a reality for each client.

How do I find out more?

Contact us at 888.714.0071, 508.519.0363 (fax) or via email at Let us know your needs, requirements and timeframes.