Cyber #Intelligence #Analyst #Certification #training #course April 4-8 #FLL #MIA

April 4-8 Fort Lauderdale Plantation - #Cyber #Intelligence #Analyst #Certification #training #course 20% off thru March 8. Veterans discount 30%. Group discounts contact us. Already nearly half full.

Conspiracy Theories – Weaponizing Theories to Divide

As technology constantly and rapidly changes, so does the way our information is attacked and gathered. Society is being shown, that not only in the cyber realm but in human…

South Florida Cyber Intelligence Training Jan 31-Feb 4 The Certified Intelligence Analyst - Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft training course follows the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle while covering non-inclusively. This course follows the: International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence…

Training Dates Added for Cyber Intelligence Training

More classes coming to Europe Amsterdam - Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst 11-1-2021 - 11-5-2021 Amsterdam - Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft - Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst - Influence…

Intelligence Community Tradecraft Training Coming to Amsterdam

cyber intelligence and counterintelligence training comes to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wilderness of Shlemiels 

Thurs 9:15 AM Moscone South 307. Treadstone 71 talk on adversary infiltration target centric DandD @RSAConference ‬ Register ahead of time for a seat Be there!

Full Suite of Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Counterintelligence Courses Ready for Global Delivery

HALF MOON BAY, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 25, 2017 Treadstone 71 today announced a full suite of Cyber and Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence training courses. The courses drive the expansion of…