Libya civil war

Everything you need to know so far.

  • GNA( Government of National Accords) the official government after a UN backed effort that took power after the Transition from the NTC that toppled Gaddafi in 2011.
    GNA backers

    • -Turkey
      -United Kingdom

Who are they?
A coalition of Local militias , Muslim brotherhood affiliated militias , Local gangs, Syrian mercenaries, Turkish drones and support.

GNA major cities : Tripoli and Misrata.

Leader: Al Serraj Libyan PM

  • LNA: “Libyan” national army. Established in 2014 by General Khalifa Haftar and are under the authority of the HoR (house of representative) the de facto government for eastern Libya.
    • LNA backers

Who are they?

A coalition of Libyan soldiers, Sudanese special forces, Egyptian special forces, Wagner Russian mercenaries, Hardcore Extremist Salafis.

Leader : General Khalifa Haftar.

Major cities : Benghazi and Tobruk.


Khalifa Haftar on April 4 2019 called for his forces in western Libya and loyalists to attack Tripoli and to finish the libyan government to establish the HoR as the legitimate Libyan government. The GNA forces stood ground for a year now and began reppeling Haftar assaults. Despite losing ground in southern Tripoli and many soldiers the GNA kept it’s grip on Tripoli.

Turkey began supporting the GNA with Military equipment and assets and with the help of Turkish advisors and (Algeria) they began reppeling and taking land that were under LNA authority in 7 hours.

The GNA is closing in Al Watiya Air base , Southern Tripoli and Tarhuna (Haftar stronghold in Western Libya. If the GNA coalition succeeds in capturing these areas. The war will be reversed and Benghazi will be threatened not Tripoli

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