IRGC pushed Assad’s forces out of Deir ez-Zur

Revolutionary Guards who are in Syria have expelled Assad’s national defense forces from parts of Deir ez-Zur and took a military post belonging to them at Corniche in the Al-Maidan district of Deir ez-Zur, increasing tensions between the two sides

The Revolutionary Guards seized this area. In the past days, a number of national defense elements were isolated from the militant group joining the Revolutionary Guards.

It is said that the National Defense Forces have complained about this at the command of the forces of Bashar al-Assad in Al-Maidan, but the government forces have refrained from interfering in this matter.

The Revolutionary Guard has always tried to take control of Deir ez-Zur and, in this context, has tried to persuade people and officials to join the Revolutionary Guards due to Syrian austerity measures.

As a result of these tensions, Assad forces are reportedly providing Israel with precise geographic coordinates for the IRGC’s ammo depots.

By Treadstone 71

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