Suleimani Dossier Armed forces of #Iran and Suleimani, rose from peasant roots

His family owed nine thousand rial to the government sometime around 1970.

This indicates that Suleimani’s relatives were landless peasants who initially benefitted from the Shah’s land-reform program of 1962.

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  • He came to the IRGC in 1979 in the Iranian Revolution.
  • Qasem landed on the battlefield in the Iran-Iraq war.
  • However, he severely injured in Operation Tariq-ol-Qods.
  • The Ramadan Headquarters carried out several army missions.
  • Furthermore, he also signed the duties in the army deals and official events.
  • Qassem Suleimani gave orders for the army deployment in the western Arvandroud in 1985.
  • Reports leaked about the American officers Christopher R. Hill and Raymond T. Odiern.
  • It stated that Qasem met the senior officers in 2009.
  • He was the principal leader and architect of the Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah in 1998.
  • How tall: Qasem Soleimani’s height stands at 5 feet 9 inches. His weight is around 154 Pounds.
  • He helped in the formation of the National Defenses Forces (NDF) Syria.

Qasem Soleimani’s physical statistics.

  • Additionally, he visited Moscow 2015 for the Russian–Iranian–Syrian offensive.
  • He wrote about the student protests to President Mohammad Khatami.
  • Soleimani and Tehran exchanged the public remarks connected with the red shipping.
  • In addition to this, it highlighted the tensions between the two nations.
  • The Iranian individuals with him targeted the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747.
  • Moreover, the official journal of the European Union sanctioned support help to Syria’s government 2011.
  • The Iranians and the other armed men added into the list by the EU.
  • Still, the United States listed him as a known terrorist.
  • Qasem awarded the Order of Faith and the Order of Zolfaghar.
  • He formerly employed as the contractor in the Kerman Water Organization.
  • Furthermore, he nicknamed “The Shadow Commander” and “Haj Qassseem.”
  • He was active in the Syrian Civil and opposed ISIS.
  • He succeeded by the Esmail Ghaani as the commander in the Quads Force team.
  • Qassim Soleimani contributed to the military department from 1979-2020.
  • The movie created “Bodyguard” (2016) based on his life and military activities.
  • Ali Akbari Mozdabadi authored a book in Persian “Noble Comrades 17: Hajj Qassem” based on Soleimani’s memoirs.