Direct quote from Buggs on Telegram:

F#$k you cheating ass motherf#$kers .You motherf#$king c#m s#$kimg Democrats can keep s#$king c#m . You motherf#$kers come on my land try to take any motherf#$king thing in my name any thing . A few will leave in body bags f#$k you all DO U HEAR ME ??? PS F#$K BIDEN


Other Nastiness:

Nah, I’m not interested in becoming friends with leftards I’d much rather be dragged naked through a field of broken glass & barbed wire & then dunked in a tank of lemon juice then ever coexist with these complete assholes, get f#$ked leftards 🖕

You are already at War

Starting from these points and understanding that the American Regime declared war, albeit indirectly and unreportedly, against half of its population, expect this tendency to be repeated throughout ALL the so-called West.

— The same massive surveillance
— The same jargons and rethorics to justify the actions of “Democratic Tyrannies”
— The same tactics to fight “extremists” (Certainly your uncle who does barbecue every weekend and complains about immigrants stealing old ladies on the streets is an “Extremist” according to certain Think tanks)
— The same Boogeymen (Russia!! White Supremacists!! Christo-fascists & Religious Radicals!! Neo-Fascists!!)
— And, absolutely, the same level and intensity of Propaganda and AgitProp

The events in the USA, without a doubt, mark the beginning of the dark era of the 4th + 5th GW Conflicts inside the so-called ‘West’

And remember:
— We are on the edge of this civilizational abyss and no one (that is, no human) is coming to save us

And 40 years from now the Qs will still be:


I already own my phone – not funding. Telegram is not owned by Apple or Google. Do not buy a new iPhone. Do not shop or search or use googles platform. Don’t use their maps. Quit. Don’t buy off Amazon. These companies are wholly owned by leftist socialists working for our destruction. They employ African slave labor run by the Chinese to mine the materials for iPhone batteries. Do not support FB or Twitter. Boycott big tech. Do what you can – reduce usage every day everywhere. Until you’re off their devices and services completely.


By Treadstone 71

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