Not This Way

Having had TSI-SCI security clearances, multiple lie detectors, access to very sensitive info as a norm, the release of sensitive data to our adversaries much less the issue of allowing them into the Oval Office without proper clearance with their own press, is treasonous. He needs to go. He needs to be impeached and then convicted. Anything short of this, any continued denial by Trumpers is just plain asinine and damaging to our democracy. A democracy downgraded already to less than such. His ties to Bayrock and KazBay B.V. fully funded by Russian mafia directly aligned with Russian oligarchs, part of Putin’s inner circle is evident and proven. 

His use of his name to commit fraud has been proven in court more than once with over 3k lawsuits still in progress.

His use of the office to fill his pockets is proven.

His efforts to destroy our environment is proven. 

His efforts to remove your healthcare is proven.

His spending of security dollars for his own comfort and that of his family is proven.

His time spent golfing and not working this 24×7 position is proven.

His efforts to change social security, something you have paid into all your life, to an entitlement (which it is not) significantly reduced in scope and coverage, is coming.

His admission of obstruction of justice could not be more clear.

His admission as to how he treats women could not be more definitive.

His administration’s admission on taxing the middle class, clear.

His attacks on free speech, reinforced daily. 

It is time for all Americans to stand up for what our founding fathers envisioned. Our way of life, your lives and the lives of your children and grandchildren is at stake. 

The separation of powers is in place to ensure we do not have an authoritarian ruler – checks and balances that are in place for independence in thought and action. Demanding loyalty to the point of lying is not an American value.

It is time to read and understand. Not to auto-respond from a position of emotion but based upon fact. Not alternative facts – nothing more than lies. Stop confirming your bias and watching nothing but alt-right, Fox or reading highly discredited sites such as Breitbart. The discomfort you feel is your moral compass telling you something is wrong.

Anyone who serves in the oval office does not get a probationary period. This is not a ‘wait and see’ position. This is not a ‘smooth transition to power’ especially when you refuse to fill the 500+ positions throughout the government that serve to make the transition, smooth! Especially when you terminate anyone who disagrees with you.

This is a concerted effort to destroy the institutions that make us great.   

There needs to be change! But not at the hands of a malignant narcissist who communicates like a child who can’t get his way on the playground. He is truly dangerous. Not this way.

Contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives and demand a special prosecutor. 

Wake up America! We are under attack from the oval office and our adversaries. Get involved or live with the consequences. 

Not this way.