#DDoS attacks and ways to deal with them – #Arvan

Thursday, December 9, from 7 to 8:30 pm In the fourth “Cloud Weekend” event, we will talk about DDoS attacks and ways to deal with it, and experts in this field will answer your questions in this regard.

This event will begin with short presentations by Naeem Farhadian, CDN Product Manager, Abar Arvan, Farhad Soltani, CTO Shuttle, Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, Alibaba Network Security Manager, and Parsa Yousefi, Principal Engineer Abar Arvan. 


You can also get the answers to the questions that you ask during the event or in the final part of it at the end of this course, from the experts in these fields.

If you are interested in the challenges of the cloud field, we are waiting for you in the fourth period of “Cloud Weekend”.

To register and attend this event for free, go to the following link: