Iraqi resistance groups have announced that they will attack US troops because they will not leave Iraq.

Statement of eight groups affiliated with Al-Hashdal Shaabi:

The Iraqi government has strongly opposed the US-led invasion, the violation of Iraqi sovereignty, the killing of civilians, the assassination of commanders and the bombing of security forces’ camps.

They had time to reach a political solution leading to their leaving Iraq but the US arrogance only increased.

After not accepting the decision of the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government and parliament, and not leaving the American forces and continuing to harass the Iraqi government. The American forces showed that they are occupiers and understand nothing but the language of force.

You will be treated accordingly. You should know that all the operations carried out against you so far were just small responses to your aggression This is since the decision of the operation was not made at that time.

However, you would not accept the most simple solution and stayed at most of your bases. You were forced to withdraw your forces and focus on certain bases and bring in an air defense system to support it.

So if all the resistance groups decide to confront you at the same time, what will be your reaction?

We know that all your recent threats to attack resistance groups and commanders are merely an attempt to cover up your defeat, and that you are too weak to go to war with Iraqi resistance groups.

We declare our firm and principled position in rejecting “Adnan Al-Zurufi”, the candidate of the US intelligence service, and warn the President of the Republic.

Al-Zurufi deliberately threatens internal peace, but we will not allow such a thing and we will do our best to establish stability and security in the country.

“Kataeb Jundalamam”
Announce existence with a statement
And he wrote that he was ready for the fatwa of the Shiite authorities to attack the American soldiers.

Which US bases in Iraq were evacuated?


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