Ahvaz, Khuzestan

We, the proud people of Ahvaz, have been fighting against the oppression and lies of the racist Islamic regime of Iran for years, but we have never been and will never be oppressed.  The land of our land has been looted by the thieves of the Revolutionary Guards, who have taken away everything of material value here, and now they have targeted our Ahwazi culture and identity.

In the West, if even one person is killed by terrorists or police officers, the headlines will be heard and the noise will not subside until a few weeks later. The regime of the Islamic Republic has repeatedly condemned the racist violence of the US and British police and so on.  But every day in Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan province, which is said to be the beating heart of Iran, every day here law enforcement officers as well as terrorists kill a number of our fellow citizens and the world does not stop protesting because they neither see us nor hear our voice. 

The regime of the Islamic Republic has stolen our water and clarified our duty: to get rid of dehydration and thirst.  They silence our protest with bullets and batons.  How many compatriots and sympathizers of Ahvaz died defending their rights and the rights of their fellow citizens.  The right to water is recognized everywhere in the world, except here.  To put it bluntly: what is happening now in Ahvaz and Khuzestan is the massacre of Ahvazis.  They call our protest chaos and suppress it by force and violence.  We do not have enough water and they say we have a shortage of resources, but when Bashar al-Assad stretches out his hand, they say, “Come on, take it easy.”  This is not Syria, this is not Iraq, this is not Yemen, this is not Palestine, this is not Afghanistan, this is Iran, for example!  The money of the people of Iran, the money of the people of Khuzestan, why does it not reach the people of Iran and Khuzestan?  The corruption of Khamenei’s henchmen knows no bounds and no one will see our protest as long as the power is in the hands of Khamenei’s’s corps and as long as they can cut off our water, electricity and internet.  Our strength is arched.

So we will do something against their interests that they will not be able to keep secret.  We will make the people of Iran and the world understand that the Revolutionary Guards are nothing more than a gang of thieves and criminals.

We are defending Ahvaz with our lives and bodies
Our lives are the sacrifice of our guests in Ahvaz

By Treadstone 71

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