You know the hack was solid when #Iranian #disinformation and #propaganda refutes and attacks the message and messenger – #Hooshyaran-e #Vatan

When a gaslighting response is swift, you know the content was true and accurate. According to the false mouthpiece of the Iranian regime:

Amateur hackers embarrass themselves by hacking into the email newsletter client of Iranian airline Mahan Air.

The only embarrassment here is the #IRGC-QF getting caught amd their systems easily hacked. Words attacking the messenger: amateur, embarrass

In this boomer-tier email they sent out to Mahan’s own customers, they claim to have “evidence” that Mahan Air supports IRGC “terrorists.”

The evidence is clear. This is not a claim, but a fact. Words attacking credibility: claim, boomer-tier

1) Defending Iran & neighboring countries from occupying invaders (i.e. “israel,” US) is not “terrorism.” 2) Even if they post “evidence,” it is likely forged/doctored.

Hooshyaran-e Vatan never mentions Israel or the US. The data is not forged. “Defending” admits intent and guilt. Words attacking credibility: defending, occupying imvaders, Israel, US, terrorism, forged, doctored, “evidence”

This is the revenge for Moses Staff hacks on the Zionists? Boomer tier accusations on hacked email lists? Pitiful indeed. Gives credence to the name “Moses Staff” as Prophet Moses’ staff turned into an actual snake by the will of God, and the Pharaoh’s amateur magicians couldn’t compete. These Iranian expat boomers (probably MEK from Albania or Los Angeles) should learn something – at least the Pharaoh’s magicians repented and submitted to the God of Moses.

Hooshyaran-e Vatan is within the boundaries of Iran but the minority Ahwazi Arab population is discriminated against by the Iranian regime’s racist policies. This is not related to Moses Staff. Name calling, attempting guilt by false association, invoking God and religion, and Pharaoh while referrimg to biblical references and storylines to deflect from the real facts that the regime is looting Ahvaz for their own needs as the IRGC has become the SAVAK. They habe become what they despised. They (Hooshuaran-e Vatan) are not expats nor boomers but likely residents of an Iranian province tired if the pilaging by the IRGC. Or those displaced due to rascist policies. Words attacking credibility: revenge, Moses Staff, Zionists, boomer-tier, accusations, expat boomers, MEK, Albania, Los Angeles, should learn something, magicians, repented

Hacking email lists with false accusations only shows the pathetic desperation of the weakened enemy.

This is a ‘legitimate’ hack by a fed-up citizenry treated as second class. Constantly discriminated against, stripped of local riches, and plundered of water and gold. The fact is that Iran has massive internal issues across the country. The regime is more interested in destabalizing their neighbors while always blaming someone else for their problems. They pour billions into their proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen non-inclusively while ignoring the needs of their people. If you are not part of the elite ruling class, you end up with table scraps.

The policies of the regime displace people and are focused on suppressing the Ahwazi people.

Ahvaz is the capital of oil-rich Khuzestan Province and situated on both banks of Karun River. Land of the Khuz”, refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the “Susian” people. They are the Shushan of the Hebrew sources where they are recorded as “Hauja” or “Huja”. In Middle Persian, the term evolves into “Khuz” and “Kuzi”.

The water was looted to the point of zero and caused the death of livestock, birds and fish, after Iran transferred the waters of Ahwaz to the Persian cities. The regime also plunders the region through the policy of forced displacement, manipulation of the demographic structure and demographic change. Thousands of Ahwazi children have died after being afflicted with diseases of cancer, lung, asthma and breathing caused by pollution in the area. They suffer racism as the Ahwazi Arab minority.

The real weakness here rests with Raisi. Expect more oppression in Ahvaz with secret police sweeps of the area targeting the minority population.

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