#Iran_Briefing / An Israeli satellite imaging shown on Wednesday photos of a weapons depot south of Baghdad, the joint headquarters of #Iraqi-backed militias and #Hashdal-Sha’abi-backed Iraqi militias.

The base was hit earlier this week in an airstrike attributed to Israel.
Imaj-Sat International has released photos of a weapons depot in southern Baghdad that was in control of pro-Iranian militias.

The features seen in the photo show “likely to have been caused by an airstrike, and secondary explosions of explosives held in storage,” Imag-Sat International said.

On Tuesday, a former interim prime minister blamed Israel for the massive blast on Monday.

“We believe these were weapons that we held for our neighboring country, and they were targeted by a repressive colonial state on the basis that the Iraqi act was treacherous,” Baha Araji, a former Iraqi interim prime minister, wrote on Twitter. have taken”.

The Iraqi government has been silent on this, and has not commented on another similar case in which several members of an IRGC missile specialist grouo were killed.

Baghdad’s silence has now heightened suspicion in Tehran that the attacks are being reported Baghdad prior to a strike.

In recent months, Israel has been increasingly engaged in air strikes against Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq, focusing after years of reported air strikes aimed at preventing Iran from deploying in Syria. It is now focused on Iraq.
Israeli officials have identified Iraq as a possible gr weowing base of Iranian-backed operations against the Jewish state.
According to Iraqi Interior Minister Saad Maan, the blast occurred Monday at the military base in Saqr in the southern part of the Iraqi capital, usually home to the Iraqi Federal Police, and Hashed al-Shaabi, a government-backed militant group, some supported by Iran.

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