Iranian MOIS Dissident Crackdown in Europe?

A team of Islamic Republic of Iran’s intelligence ministry operatives were dispatched for second round of terrorist activity in Europe according to sources.

Iranian assassination teams

This team (Interpol has been informed), intends to assassinate and suppress regime opposition groups and those with influence in foreign media outlets.

The intelligence ministry Overseas Operations Branch, uses foreign national agents such as Afghan individuals who are residing in Europe to assist in the assassinations.

Past assassinations and acts of terror

The reports insist that «Rouhollah Zam», the chief of Amad News press editorial board , some members of the «royalists groups» and members of «Iranian Kurdish» groups are among the targets of this operation.
Ruhollah Zam is an Iranian journalist and the son of a conservative cleric Mohammad Ali Zam and a prominent Iranian journalist who played a high-profile role in the Iranian protests of December 2017. He is the editor in chief of Amad News, a prominent Iranian opposition news website and Telegram channel.

In days of old, the Nizaris targeted military or political figures, and were not known to have indiscriminately slaughtered civilians. In the ranks of today’s MOIS, there is a section known as “Department 15”, which is basically a team of brutal regime enforcers, who just like the ancient Nizaris, carry out assassinations abroad. Modern day victims of MOIS assassins, often tend to be Iranian dissidents, who pose a threat to the regime. The murders carried out are terribly brutal, designed to instil fear into the hearts of any dissenter brave enough to speak out against the regime, and some of the victims of these hit squads, have died in the most barbaric of fashions.

Many of these murders, have been placed at the door of Department 15, not only is the group tasked with assassinations, it is also tasked with “exporting revolution”. Their operatives travel the globe under various disguises, often using the cover of an embassy, or that of a front company setup especially for this purpose, giving them the ability to liaise with various terrorist groups or resistance movements that share common enemies.

Once making a connection, Department 15 then build-up a working relationship with such groups, forging links through carrying out shared military operations, or shipping their proxies’ weapons.

Amad News Daily

آواتودی: ‍‍احتمال شروع دوبارە ترور توسط عوامل نیابتی جمهوری اسلامی در اروپا بالاست

یک تیم اطلاعاتی جمهوری اسلامی کە گزارش آن بە اینترپول دادە شدە، قصد ترور و سرکوب مخالفان و مهرەھای تاثیرگذار رسانەهای خارج از کشور دارند.

شاخە عملیات برون مرزی در واجا برای عملیات ترور در اروپا از اتباع کشورهای خارجی بویژە افغانستان استفادە می‌کنند.

در این گزارش نسبت بە گروگانگیری واجا از خانوادەهای افغانی کە یکی از اعضای آنها مقیم کشورهای اروپایی است، ابراز نگرانی شدە است.

وزارت اطلاعات ممکن است از افغان‌های مقیم اروپا و عرب‌های وابستە بە حزب‌الله لبنان و یا حوثی‌های یمن کە بە تازگی وارد اروپا شدەاند، استفادە کند.

بنابراین گزارش «روح‌الله زم» مسئول تیم رسانەای «آمدنیوز» کە اخیرا فایل‌هایی از وزارت اطلاعات را منتشر می‌کند، برخی از اعضای سامانە پادشاهی و اعضای فعال در گروه‌های کردستان ایران جزو اهداف تیم‌های عملیات برون مرزی واجا هستند.