The Ministry of Intelligence on the identification of 17 trained intelligence officers (CIA)The Ministry of Intelligence managed to destroy a spy network linked to the US intelligence agency on June 28.

The 17 spies worked in centers that included economic, nuclear, infrastructure, military and cyber in the country.

جزئیات مهم شناسایی جاسوس های سازمان سیا در مراکز هسته ای و نظامی ایران / به جاسوس ها وعده اعطای ویزای آمریکا داده شد

Some of these people were caught as a result of the CIA’s misuse of visa applications, asking them to spy in exchange for a visa.

The US intelligence agency also began to provide information to Iranian nationals by establishing fake companies, with the pretext of hiring Iranian experts in these companies or supplying equipment from abroad.Direct referrals of diplomatic officers to diplomats to Iranian citizens working at scientific conferences in European, African and Asian countries were among other ways of communication between intelligence officers and Iranian nationals.

The US intelligence officers used deceptive promises, including the granting of visas and permanent residence permits to the United States, as well as money, to succussfully attract and sustaining the cooperation of their spy network in Iran.The most important promise given to the Iranian spy network was a promise to secure them in Iran and abroad.

All 17 spies were identified, investigated, and arrested. None of the CIA’s promises came to fruition, and all of these spies have been caught and charged with treason.
All people in this complex spy network were involved in the development of secure communications from outside the country with intelligence tools from CIA officers, as well as sophisticated technical equipment for espionage.
The CIA used the information carrier to transfer its secure communication equipment and advanced spy equipment to its network in Iran; the carriers are mainly made up of “stones” where spyware is embedded in them, and spies are deployed with sophisticated methods to remove them from various drops such as urban areas, including park areas and mountainous areas.

By Treadstone 71

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