Do you know that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence’s cyber attack operations department hacked Turkish government sites, including the “Goc Idaresi” of the country accessing information on travellers and residents of hotels, the exact locations of Iranian refugees in Turkey.


Iranian intelligence forces have access to this and they are attempting to kidnap some political refugees or potentially assassinate them such as: #Saeed_Kerimian, #Frood Fouladvand, #Shayan Kaviani and who else?


The above image: The internal minutes of the officials in the #Tourist visa section in Vaja are in the custody deputy directorate of the Office of the General Directorate of 31332.

This file is an example of the Fatih Security Directorate’s database of Istanbul #Turkey, which is available to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (Vaja – MOIS).


The MOIS hacked the servers gaining access to the addresses of citizens, Iranian refugees residing in Turkey, Iranians travelling to Turkey, staying in hotels and otherwise.


Letter of Vaja on Espionage and Abduction Operations inside Turkey.

The picture you are viewing is related to an official letter from the Foreign Intelligence Unit to the General Directorate of Technical Services 332 regarding the tracking and kidnapping of a person named #Ahmadreza Khosravi in the territory of Turkey, in violation of all international laws, non-compliance with the laws of the countries and without Turkish government authorization.

Turkey is the first destination of many critics of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran after escaping from the oppression and repressive security systems of the regime.

The availability of personal information from critics of the Iranian regime in Turkey is a real threat to international human rights law and the national sovereignty of Turkey, and a potential threat to the security of all Iranians (especially critics of the Islamic Republic of Iran) in Turkey.

By publishing such documents, the news office of the “Box” is doing its utmost to raise awareness and increase the security of citizens.

Dear people, we ask you to be aware of these security issues if you arrive in Turkey. Understand that Iran’s Vaja does not need to write to the Turkish government requesting your personal information, since they use illegal methods such as espionage to acquire it.

Above is the first authentic official document demonstrating Vaja cyber espionage against the government offices and institutions of the Turkish government.

We hope that international organizations, in particular the UNHCR, UN Security Council, and the Turkish government’s judicial and security authorities, will pursue and take seriously the aggressive actions of the Iranian intelligence agencies. The subversive acts of the Iranian regime without regard for international law and the national sovereignty of the countries of the world; the #assassinations and #terrorist attacks, #murders, abductions and unlawful arguments have increased dramatically over the years and greatly threatened #asylum-seekers.

By Treadstone 71

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