#Iranian Regime #Interference in #Syria Leads to Iranian Deaths

Intent on killing Jews, Iran's claims of Western occupation of Middle Eastern countries is shrouded with clouds of hypocrisy. Years of funding proxies, architecting terror attacks, and building bases while citizens go without basics shows the regime's true personality. The regime's recent deification of Soleimani, known to be the main architect of their foreign actions, demonstrates their hollow appeasement of the populace. Iran claims it wants peace. Their actions indicate a desire to control the…

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Reports of Explosions in Qana Lebanon – Hezbollah

[wpvideo IsgGRBN0] [wpvideo FuOngAmw] [wpvideo KVpWf1Sa] Satellite image of the approximate location of the blast site in southern #Lebanon, Ain Qana. Some sources have claimed that the building belongs to #Hezbollah. Sources close to #Hezbollah #Lebanon: The explosion was an accident in Qana according to local sources. There are reports of at least two bodies from the site of the explosion. Rumors of Israeli warplans overhead are also reported. [gallery ids="18007,18011,18012" type="rectangular"]

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