Russia to optimize its diplomatic staff in Ukraine – Foreign Ministry

“We want to highlight that our embassy and consulates will keep performing their basic functions,” the Maria Zakharova says

Translation: Due to the risks of war by our forces, we will only keep special forces, communications teams, and spies onsite.

Russia has made a decision to optimize the staff of its diplomatic missions in Ukraine amid possible provocations from the Kiev regime or third countries, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement released on Saturday.

Translated: We have placed our troops on high alert with Warning Orders in preparation to invade Ukraine. We continue to manipulate media, controlling the internal narrative to shift blame.

“In this situation, in the wake of possible provocations by the Kiev regime or third countries, we have, indeed, made a decision on some optimization of the staff of Russian overseas missions in Ukraine. We want to highlight that our embassy and consulates will keep performing their basic functions,” the statement says.

Translation: Continuation of the first two paragraphs wrongly calling Ukraine oversea while using euphemisms for evacuation.

“Considering the substantial influence that Washington and London have on Kiev and, generally, their role in governing the processes in Ukraine – let us just mention the efforts of beefing it up with weapons and instructors – we can make a conclusion that our American and British colleagues, apparently, know about some violent acts being prepared in Ukraine that can considerably complicate the security situation,” Zakharova stressed.

Translation: Blaming foreign influence for their Russian military encircling Ukraine. While stating the massive influence of the UK and US over Ukraine, Russia also states that the UK and US have no influence in Ukraine, while indicating that the US and UK are behind any false pretext Russia comes up with for attacking Ukraine.

The diplomatic missions of various countries located in Ukraine have been lately reporting that they are evacuating their staff from that country or are considering this possibility over the escalation of tension there. The Russian embassy in Kiev earlier said that it was considering the temporary departure from Ukraine of its nonessential staff.

Translation: We are not fleeing like other countries, just optimizing our local staff. We know when the invasion will start and what missiles and planes will target. We just have to worry about Ukrainians coming after us and therefore have staffed our offices in Kiev and elsewhere with Spetsnaz. Spetsnaz are being told to register with the skeleton embassy left in Kyiv, from where they will be air-evacuated or bussed by road 350 miles east to Poland.

The West and Kiev have recently been spreading allegations about Russia’s potential ‘invasion’ of Ukraine. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov castigated these claims as “empty and unfounded,” serving as a ploy to escalate tensions, pointing out that Russia did not pose any threat whatsoever to anyone.

Translation: Please ignore the 100k troops, maasive hardware build up on 3 sides of your country. The naval buildup off your coast is your imagination. Disregard the man behind the curtain. Our enemies are dillusional. How do you know this? Mother Russia tells you so.

However, Peskov did not rule out the possibility of provocations aimed at justifying such allegations and warned that attempts to use military force to resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine would have very serious consequences

Translation: If you flinch, we will attack. If we make you flinch, we will attack. Ah hell, we are going to attack no matter what. We will just make shit up. By the way, any attempt to take back Your soverign land will be met with glee since you flinched.

By Treadstone 71

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