Israel Defense Forces Remove Threat

“This is the moment when four terrorists attempted to plant explosives near the security fence between #Israel and Syria last night……and the moment we stopped them.

We will continue to defend Israel’s borders from all enemy threats.”

Israeli Army Spokesman:
After thwarting a bomb attack last night in the South Golan Heights, the Israeli army conducted a patrol in the area, during which, 25 meters from the Israeli border, weapons and ammunition containing several bombs were found ready for use against Israeli forces.

The Israeli army, which operates in the Golan Heights, is still alert and ready for various developments.This afternoon, the commander of the 210th Division, Brigadier General Roman Goffman, and the head of the Israeli army’s foreign relations department, Brigadier General Effie Defrin, met with UNDOF commander General Ishwar Hamel at the bomb site.

پست های دیده بانی (احتمالا در منطقه مرزی قنیطره)
سیستم های جمع آوری اطلاعات ( پست های شنود)
توپ های پدافندی
سیستم های فرماندهی و کنترل

During the meeting, the commander of the 210th Division stressed that the Israeli army does not allow anyone to endanger the security of the people of Israel and its sovereignty. He added that the Israeli army holds Syria responsible for everything that happens in its territory.

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